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50 Things I Learned in 2010

I read this blog and was inspired to write my own list.

As we close 2010 today, I would like to look back and take this time to share the lessons the past year has taught me.

  1. Friends are the family you get to choose.
  2. Family are the friends you’ll forever be stuck with.
  3. You gotta have at least one friend who knows everything.
  4. Life abroad is not a walk in the park. Even if you’re in a tour.
  5. The clothes define the man.
  6. And the man ‘own‘ the clothes.
  7. There is no need to invest on expensive shoes.
  8. Or cheap real estate.
  9. Orlee is Offline” can not work anymore.
  10. Thai food is <3.
  11. Not all Indians like curry.
  12. The uso smile is fun to do.
  13. The rest of the world is “really” crazy about football.
  14. Animal sounds can define if one is racist.
  15. There are more than 3 levels of a dream.
  16. OFW can mean more than one thing.
  17. The difference between a good and a bad day is attitude.
  18. So on stress.
  19. Visita Iglesias can be done online.
  20. There are 2 sides of every story.
  21. Sometimes even more.
  22. You can never really be too comfortable in Dubai until you get promoted to a bed of your own.
  23. But never be too comfortable in your Dubai flat.
  24. Celebrate every day as if it’s the last.
  25. Poker is addictive.
  26. It’s lonely at the top.
  27. And It’s crowded in the bottom.
  28. Looking at the bright side may hurt your eyes.
  29. My wit can make celebrities laugh.
  30. Understood the true meaning of the word stigmatized.
  31. Everybody needs a few beating once in awhile.
  32. It’s ok to cry.
  33. And be crazy.
  34. Never talk too soon.
  35. It’s never late to start over.
  36. Ignorance is indeed bliss.
  37. One should see Singapore at least once in their lifetime.
  38. I can never be a playwright.
  39. But can be a horror story writer.
  40. But I cannot be on one.
  41. I can never live the life of a showbiz personality.
  42. It’s ok to treat yourself at least once.
  43. Or twice.
  44. Movember is a an event that every man should look forward to.
  45. I can never get all the hairstyle that I want.
  46. Never assume that a stranger is not a Filipino even if they look otherwise.
  47. Dance like nobody’s tagging.
  48. Sing like nobody’s uploading.
  49. Tweet like nobody’s following.
  50. Love like you’ve never been unfriended before.

Cheers, everyone! Happy New Year!

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Memorizing Lines for CVC

Two weeks ago, our choir joined the first Choral Competition sponsored by St. Mary’s Church here in Dubai.

We had to memorize 5 lines of lyrics in order have a winning edge over the competition. I tried to memorize all five lines but can only memorize up to 3.

I told Jane, my choirmate and is positioned across me, “Jane, saulo mo ‘di ba?”
“Oo. Memorized ko naman,” she answered.
“Pa-mouth maigi ng words ha? Kokopyahin ko buka ng bibig mo. ‘Di ko masyado saulo yung last part eh.”
“Ok,” She answered.

During the contest, I realized that Jane kinda forgot some of the words as she is also struggling to catch the lyrics.
After our performance, I kiddingly told my choirmates, “Di ako mali ng lyrics ah! Kay Jane ako nakadepende eh nalimutan n’ya so s’ya ang may sala.”
“Nalimutan ko kasi eh,” Jane answered on her defense.

Joking aside, our hardwork paid off as we were declared champion on the said competition.


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2011 Starbucks Planner for Me

“Huwag ka nang malungkot, Orlee,” Zinnia told me before she went home to Manila.
“Ang lungkot kaya nun! Wala akong kausap na Pinoy dito sa office tapos Pasko pa! Shet! Homesick!” I told her.
“Huwag kang mag-alala. Uuwian kita ng Starbucks Planner.”

After a week or two…

“Orlee! Nag-e-LBM na ako sa Toffeenut Frapuccino ‘di pa kumpleto ang stickers! Lagi kaming nasa Starbucks para makuha ang planner. May two weeks pa ako.”
Being the sadistic friend that I am, I told her “Z! Wala kang choice, pangako mo ‘yan. Hehe.”


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Bumbilya for Christmas

Something spiral.

That’s what we have agreed for our monito-monita back in my BDO Dasmarinas days (2007).
I was supposed to give Shiela, one of the Marketing Staff, a spiral fluorescent  bulb. Realizing that the Department Store has ran out of stock, I’ve decided to give her a regular bulb.
She was clueless who gave it to her and asked, “BUMBILYA!?!? Paano naman to naging spiral?”
All of the people from the branch tried to hold the bulb and asked themselves what was spiral about it – they have agreed that the screw of the bulb is the ‘something spiral’.

During the reveal, she told me, “Orlee! Pundido ‘yung binigay mong bumbilya!”

Paano di mapupundi eh pinag-pasapashan na ang ilaw?

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SusAnthony’s Gifts

Since Susan and Anthony needed to attend the 12 MN Christmas mass in St. Mary’s, they requested, “Pwede bang agahan natin ang Exchange Gift?”
I told her, “So… Makikikain lang talaga kayo, mag-e-exchange gift at aalis na? KAPAL!”
“Sige na!?” Susan pleaded.

“Paano kung ‘yung regalo ko ang makuha mo? Malaki ‘yun!”
“Sana huwag naman!” she crossed her fingers.

Of course that didn’t happen.  Aside from Susan ending up with the largest gift, Anthony got the second largest package.

Everybody was laughing hysterically imagined Susan and Anthony standing in church holding such big gifts.
“Iwan na lang namin? Balikan namin bukas?” and they did.

Merry Christmas!

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Mary Brown Delivery Boy

I wasn’t able to attend the choir’s practice because I had to stay in the office to finish some stuff.

I’ve decided to call them during their practice at 9:30 PM. Little did I know that they were also waiting for their dinner courtesy of the delivery service of Mary Brown. Arn thought I was the delivery guy from Mary Brown.

Arn: Hello?
Me: Hello, kamusta?
Arn: Kabayan? Nasan ka na?
Me: Naku OT ako.
Arn: Sorry ano?
Me: Malayo ‘to. 45 minutes ang byahe ko.
Arn: Ha? Pano pagkain namin? Sino ba ‘to?
Me: Orlee!
Arn: Akala ko Mary Brown!

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2010 Funny Facebook Status

Just summarized my facebook stats for 2010 but learned that there are more funny questions / situations than real ones. So I’ve decided to do it here. My funny 2010 facebook status:

  • ay natatakot kumanta ng ‘My Way’.
  • ay naniniwala sa kasabihang ‘Everyday is a blessing… moving around it are the planets.”
  • “Huwag mong sabihing sinabi ko sa’yo” – linya ng mga tsismosa.
  • “Nakaaasar pumunta sa Network Printer na malayo at malalaman mong ‘di mo pala napindot ang “PRINT” sa computer mo.
  • ay nangangarap maging OF (walang W). Pwede ba yun?
  • ay na-mi-miss na maging mayaman. Pa-Starbucks-Starbucks lang. Definition na ba ng mayaman ‘yun?
  • Ang kasabihang KULOT SALOT ay ‘di totoo.
  • Uso pa ba yung joke na kapag pareho kayo ng suot eh sasabog kayo?
  • Kung ang tagalog ng Nurse ay Nars. Ang tagalog ba ng Purse ay Pars? Ano laman ng pars mo?
  • ay pangarap maging goons. Leather jacket plus sunglasses.
  • Wala bang batas na nagpoprotekta sa mga nerd?
  • is Chairman of the Bored.
  • Parang isang malaking Chinatown ang Macau at Hong Kong.
  • Gagana ba ang kulam internationally?
  • Left my phone at home. Pretended I’m stuck in the 90s.
  • Gusto ko talaga ang amoy ng Drakkar. Jologs na ba kapag gusto mo pa rin yung amoy na yun? Ka-level na ba ‘yun ng Jovan at Poison?
  • “Hoy! Wag kayo dito! Dun kayo mag-ingay sa bakuran n’yo!” – Grumpy Old Orlee
  • Ang tamad ay galit sa kapwa tamad.
  • “Nakakapagod maging selfish.” – Gahamang teammate sa badminton
  • Sosyal ba kung Nutella ang ilagay sa Kare-kare?
  • ULOL – Ultimate Laugh Out Loud
  • My lola on every apo: Uy! Sasayaw ang bata! Arimunding munding … Arimunding
  • Paano ba maging friend ni David Foster?
  • Ayoko ng Zombies na tumatakbo
  • New study says stress not related to gaining weight. Sino na ang sisisihin ko ngayon?
  • Ang baba ko ay nag-ma-mitosis.

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I’ve sent a blackberry message to Z on the day of her wedding:

Pag binasa mo ‘to talagang adik ka sa blackberry.

And what did you know, I received this message:

Glimpse 🙂

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The Top Ten Tourism Slogans For The Philippines (Or A Province, Or A City) (via Strange Fruit)

No time of the year makes one feel more homesick than these few days before Christmas.
Home is where the heart is… also where funny slogans happen.

Wish we really have these as slogans.

The Top Ten Tourism Slogans For The Philippines (Or A Province, Or A City) A new bog year, a new Top Ten logo.  If you're wondering why I jumped to a Top Ten we just did, when I should be posting 2009 Top Tens, a glitch on my laptop erased all the entries that I was supposed to email myself.  So to cut a long story short, I lost all the entries.  So I thought, I'd post whatever I have in my notebook.  Better post it now since I don't have a digital copy of it in my email.  After this, I go back to the chronology I was f … Read More

via Strange Fruit

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Harry Potter in Japan

“Choy, manonood kami ng Hori Potter ni ate Pam at ni Aki sa 25. Yun ang Christmas celebration namin,” ate Mimi told me.
“Hori? Ate, Harry ‘yun. Harry Potter,” I told her.
“Harry ba? Hori kasi ‘yun dito (sa Japan)! Hori Potter.”


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