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Tagalog for Pressure

Since Z and I didn’t know the Filipino word for pressure, we have decided to use the term pinapalambot na baka in case we need to translate our discussion (as a reference to the pressure cooker):

“Kamusta si Kuya?”

“Ayun! Pinapalambot na baka s’ya kay Mommy kaya kabado sa trabaho.”

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My Bookstore is Confused

I received this text message from Magrudy’s last week:

“Magrudy’s 35th Birthday Celebration Continues: 35% off everything @ Deira City Centre & Dubai Mall. Starts Jan 20 for a limited period only. ”

I immediately told all of my blackberry buddies, “Guys, punta tayo?”
Pat and Tin shopped some Murakamis and a coffee book table.
I contemplated whether to buy 2 or 4 books but since I’m a slow reader lately, I’ve decided to just buy one Nick Hornby and one Mitch Albom.

This week, I’ve received a new message from Magrudy’s:

“Magrudy’s 50% off everything plus special prices starting at AED 2. From Jan 28 at Deira City Centre & Dubai Mall for a limited period.”

I cursed after reading this and forwarded to Patrick. His only reply was a simple, “Kainis!”
I immediately posted something on the Magrudy’s Fan Page.

My only consolation to myself is that I only bought 2 instead of 4 books. Grrrr…

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Summer Wish

I always read a book during my daily commute to the office. As I miss an early sun and I rarely went out during lunchtime, I had uttered, “Sana summer na para naman ‘di na masyado maaga mag-dilim.”
Shee screamed, “Huwag muna! Please! Ayoko ng mainit!”
I looked at her and told her, “Bakit sa akin ka nagagalit? Bibilis ba ang summer pag lagi kong wi-nish?”

Update: Sandstorm (signifies the end of winter) as captured by Jake, just now: I guess I’ll get my wish real soon.

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Beautiful Planner

One of my colleagues saw my Starbucks Planner, “Wow! This is really pretty!”
“Nice, right?”  I answered, “This showcases the best Starbucks branches in the Philippines… and my place is near…<flipping thru the pages> this volcano. The smallest volcano in the world.”
“Wow! Smallest volcano?”
“This is a really beautiful planner,” she can’t hide her admiration. She then flipped thru the pages and saw this:


“Orlee! Don’t destroy this beautiful planner with your ugly handwriting.”

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Marathon Pamahiin

“Si Julius nag-shopping ng complete outfit nung gabi bago mag-marathon,”  Atong told us, “Sapatos, shorts, t-shirt…”
“Masama kaya ‘yun,” I answered.
“Oo nga masama ‘yun,” Ronald seconded.
“Bakit?” Atong wondered, “Pamahiin?”
Ronald answered, “Oo! Pamahiin,” and laughed.
“Hindi!” I answered, “Masama lang tumakbo na bago ang sapatos. Dapat sapatos na nagamit mo na, para nakaporma na sa paa… PAMAHIIN! Hehe.”

Ang di naniniwala sa pamahiin: Mawawala ang leeg kapag nagsuot ng bagong outfit before the marathon.

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Asian Kyrgyz

Ronald posted this on his wall…

He was furiously mad. Seriously.

Here’s the backstory…

Earlier that day, one client presented a passport to him, the client is from the Republic of Kyrgyz.
“What country is that?” Asked Ronald.
The client smiled and asked, “You don’t know geography?”
Ronald quite offended, answered, “I’m sorry but I only know Asia.”
The client laughed and left.

After looking at the map, Ronald realized that Kyrgyz is in Asia – a former USSR. Poor Ronald.


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GNR vs Marathon

Pat, ‘di ka pa pala bayad sa inabono ko sa Marathon registration mo. 55 Dirhams ‘yun,” I reminded Pat.
“Ay oo nga pala! Di ka rin pala bayad sa Guns N’ Roses! 75 Dirhams ‘yun,” he answered.
“Sige ok na tayo. Di na kita sisingilin sa marathon.”

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1st Marathon Experience

I joined the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon for the first time. I signed up for the 3K – Fun Run.

More than half a dozen of my friends also joined in while some even took the bigger challenge of the 10K.

So apparetly, I went for the 3k…

And the other guys went for the FUN RUN…

Running against the sea of runners?

Photo Op No. 1

Photo Op No. 2 (From the same camera?)

Photo Op No. 3 (Running back and forth just to get the perfect shot)


Why this picture looks fake:
(1) Running too close
(2)They’re on the sidewalk
(3) Hair’s not moving
(4) One leg is too straight
(5) because there’s another shot with just few differences…

And another…


And Ronald has the same photo at the same place with them (straight-legged) …


Also, there are pictures before the Finish Line…



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Fall Out Boy

During my usual overtimes, I got really tired and sat on my back (almost lying down) on my chair. I lost control and the chair rolled off. I was on the ground and tried to get up real quick.
I stood up and checked who saw me: Only 2 to 3 saw me but they just smiled.

I was near the printer so when one of those colleagues went to get her printouts, she whispered, “Orlee, thanks!”
“Why?” I asked.
“I was really stressed out for staying but all vanished thanks to you falling.”
“Ummm… You’re welcome, I guess?”

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Orlee the Cat

One of my Indian friends would always call my attention and say, “Orlee… Meow!” I wasn’t sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing in their culture. Is he bullying me? I am not sure.

At first I let it pass but after a few more, “Orlee…Meow’s” I went to confront him, “Excuse me, what does that mean?”
“Which one?”
“Do I look like a cat? Do I act like a cat? Is it and Indian greeting I dunno.”
“I don’t know I just like saying that to you,” he answered.
“Really?” I asked him, “Then I’ll do this… ‘Oink oink’ with you.”
“Ooooh! Ok. Nice one!”

After that, he would call me, “Meow…” and I’ll answer “Oink! Oink!”

One of our colleagues heard it after some few days after then asked, “Why are you doing that?”
I answered for the both of us, “Because he was meowing at me last time so I answered with oink oink!”
“So,” our colleague answered, “Orlee is a cat and you’re a pig.”
“No! Not a pig,” the ‘MEOWing’ colleague answered, “It’s a monkey! Right Orlee?”
“Yes. That’s a monkey. Oink oink.”

Subtle bullying revenge.

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