Oh! Brother!

I used to hold the EVP Property Management back in my DLSU-D Chorale days. The cabinet, where we store our costumes and music files is located in the Rehearsal Room (RR).



The RR was the room where Teatro (Actors) practiced their acting, the Pointes ‘N Flexes (modern dance group) practiced their dances and the Filipiniana Dance Troup (Folk Dancers) rehearsed their routines. So you could really imagine that the RR is very crowded during the peak rehearsals days. All the four groups requested the DLSU-Dasmarinas Administration to do something about it.



During one month end, I was counting my inventories in the RR alone when a knock interrupted my counting. I opened the door expecting someone from PAG but it was some older guy who wore jeans and a polo shirt.



“Ito ba ang RR?” he asked.

“Opo,” I answered.

He then looked around and then asked, “Dito nagpapraktis ang lahat ng Performing Arts Group, ‘no?”

“Opo,” I replied. I was a bit uneasy because he doesn’t seem to be an artist like person from PAG and he kinda interrupted my counting.

“Dito nga siguro maganda ilagay yung isang cabinet,” He told himself outloud.

“Sa maintenance po ba kayo?” I asked nonchalantly. Assuming he’ll bring something from the storage room.

He stopped looking at the room, looked at me and smiled, “Ay, hindi. (Lasallian) Brother ako. Sige, thank you,” and then left.

I stood at my spot, open-mouthed and stared in blankness. Oh! Brother!


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