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Circle of Life Lower

11822414_10206432478427431_1029797217636213623_nFermel and I share singing the solo parts of our choir’s rendition of Circle of Life.
Since he is back in the Philippines, I had to rehearse and try singing the full song alone — with the high parts.

During rehearsal yesterday, I was still able to hit the high notes.
The choir erupted in cheers.

After two more hours and on a different venue (we had to transfer from the church to The Fridge warehouse for our rehearsal) I cannot reach it anymore and my tones was stuck flat.
I was holding a microphone singing in front of the stage when Joy screamed, “Orlee, sa part ni Fermel ibaba mo lang.”
I was kinda nervous and had a sigh of relief when Joy said this, “Hay salamat. Octave lower,” I told myself

When I sang his part (octave lower) Joy screamed, “Yung mic lang ibaba mo. Hindi tono.”

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Curious Mitch

“I’m always curious.”

That’s what Mitch answered, when I posted this candid photo of her on instagram with the caption: She likes touching the walls to feel the material. #architect #onlyarchitectsgetit #passion



To which Joy, our choir conductor, commented: Yan din ginawa nya sa choir loft kahapon. Nakita ko yun!

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Anong Ginagawa Mo Dito

Joy was going to ask Janice what is she doing in a particular song (Soprano 1 or Soprano 2?), she instead blurted out, “Anong ginagawa mo dito?”
Everybody else screamed, “Anong gingawa mo dito? Lumayas ka!”
Followed up by, “Parang awa nyo na po…”

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CVC @ 7: Chinese Themed

Last year we celebrated the first 6 years of CVC with the epic CosPlay Party. To celebrate the 7th, Atong, Liza, Rollie, Kay, Ella, Ron and I were tasked by the Council to set up a Chinese New Year-themed party.

Last night was a success. Here’s a collection of the pictures from the event.

Running joke of the evening: Massage Parlor employees.

Fermel: Jed Madela Chinese look-a-like

Glenn Babasa: Laurice Guillien

Thei and Fermel: Stars of the evening… Rosebud and the Dragon

Special Awardee: Joy and Erwin: Couple of the Night… Lutong Macau!

Kuya Arnold received a jacket. Arn said, “Tamang-tama! Mag-sa-summer na.”

Game 3: Ponkan Peeling Contest. No hands!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  From CVC Year 7!

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MD Joy Surprise Party

We prepared a surprise party for our Musical Director today at McDonald’s Sheik Zayed Road. I kept my iPod ready to capture the perfect reaction.

Here’s how it went down:

I wanted more! Seriously. Joy confessed that she held her tears as she doesn’t wanna embarrass herself. I told her after, “Alam mo, Joy? Mas maganda pa and reaction ni Atong at Arn arn kesa sa’yo eh.”
“Oh? Paano?” she asked.
“Nag-practice kami,” I told her and showed this video:

She was so touched. We’re happy that she had fun.


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CVC BBM: Practice Place

In our choir’s BBM Group before our scheduled practice at Atong‘s place…

Alex: Kina Arn po ang practice mamaya
Joy:  Pinalatan ba ang lugar?
Orlee: Huh!?
Alex: Tanong po yan.
Joy: Wala naman kasing question mark!!?!?!?!?

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Face the Floor

“Bakit ka late?” Joy asked Sheryl.
“Sorry po!” She answered.
Instead of ‘face the wall’, Joy kiddingly told her, “No! Face the floor… Planking.”

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Vertical Stripes

For last week’s choir uniform, it was decided that we’ll wear vertically striped-top.

Since Joy, the Musical Director didn’t have a vertically striped shirt, she has decided to wear her diagonally striped top.
“Eh wala akong vertical eh. Ganito na lang, ” she tilted her shoulders and acted as if conducting and said, “I-ko-conduct ko na lang kayo ng patabingi para naman maging veritical.”

One problem solved.

But we were all worried about Kay, who was wearing a horizontally striped shirt.
“Hihiga na lang s’ya habang kumakanta.”

“Bwisit talaga! Sabi ng officemate ko talaga pahiga ang vertical stripe!” Kay screamed frustratingly.

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