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Basha Broke My Heart

I posted this Facebook status last week:

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.23.33 AM

That’s a day before the dreaded accident. Spoke too soon.

1600120_10152515975739325_429021251_nI then put the damaged car’s photo as one of the comment. People panicked. A slew of comments came afterwards. After Mitch posted this comment: “It’s the 2nd time that Basha did break your heart. I know somebody who will not break your heart…” It made me think. Maybe naming the car Basha was an inevitable heartbreak. It was after all named after the character Basha in One More Chance. She had me at my best…

“Bakit napakatigas mo Bash?!”

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Car Accident!

They say ring in the new year with a bang and the events of 9th January holds true to that.

I was involved in a three way accident. I was sandwiched by a pick up truck and a 90s sedan type of car. It was very fortunate that no driver was harmed. I wish I could say the same for our cars but it was very bad. Basha was hit the worst, the axle of the wheels were not aligned and the front bumper fell off.

I took this photo and sent to my friends to keep them update:


In the evening, I asked Mitch how she felt at the moment.
“Natakot ako. I wanted to call you pero syempre alam ko busy ka with the police and all. Saka mas kakausapin mo yung mga may alam sa mga kotse issues,” she answered.
“Pero ano initial reaction mo?”
“Worried ako, kasi alam ko nangyari kay Basha pero ikaw naman, wala naman kaming idea.”
“Hindi ba FACT na yung nagsend ako ng picture means ok na ako?” I asked her.
“Malay ko ba kung gumagapang ka na sa kalsada tapos may dugo sa noo habang kinukunan mo si Basha,” she smilingly answered. She knew she was not getting away with that explanation.
“Mag-se-selfie pa ba ako sa kalsada kung gumagapang na ako? Di ko na rin makukuhanan si Basha nun.” My imagination was running wild: Imagine me crawling on the road side and aiming to take a shot at Basha from that angle.


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Goodbye 2013: A Summary

1 more day and the year is over. 2013 – finito! It has been a leap year for me. Leaps and bounds.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 7.32.34 PMI finally found her (Mitch). I have decided to learn to drive. And bought a 2014 Kia Sportage then named her Basha.
My 2013 travels were more flights but less destinations: South Korea, Armenia and Kenya. I also went back home and met Ambet Ocampo (only one of my favorite authors).
Friends entered into a relationship, some even got married while some friends had children. Our very own family welcomed another bundle of joy named Rafael Bundalian, my 2nd nephew.
Work has been great. Got promoted to Assistant Manager post at work while my choir won the 2013 Score’s UAE Choir of the Year.

It was a year of love and achievements.

As the year draws to a close, let me summarize 2013’s funnier posts. I promise 2014 will have more than the lackluster number of posts of 2013. Enjoy:

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03. Real Estate and a Baby
02. Pambugaw sa Multo TV
01. Sonya’s Garden Incident

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My Car, My Rules

31“Hoy! Mag Ingat ka!” Atong screamed. He was a passenger for a change. I cut in front of a speeding taxi.
“Wala kang pake kotse ko to,” I jokingly answered. I of course was a defensive driver.
“Hoy buhay namin to,” he replied. Ryan and Mitch was also there, they just kept mum.
“Magbayad kayo mag iingat ako,” I kiddingly replied.

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Lola Basha

imagesFermel told me via BBM, “O, I stumbled upon your blog today and saw the name of Basha.”
I learned which post he was referring to.
“Naisip mo ba,” he told me, “Na pag luma na sya.. Lola Bashang na name n’ya.”
“Hahaha! Oo nga.”

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Running on Empty

“Hon, malapit na tayong maubusan ng gas,” I told Mitch on our way home from my birthday dinner in Atlantis.
“Sige hanap tayo,” she answered, peering her eyes on all the sides of the road.
“Pag naubusan kasi dito sa Dubai ng gas, penalty kapag nakaharang sa daan,” I reminded her. While I was saying this, the EMPTY GAS sign lit up.
“Hala!” I screamed, “Paubos na,” I screamed while producing cold sweats.
Then we went quiet as we stroll along Sheik Zayed Road.

“Bakit tayo tumahimik?” I asked, “Di naman makakabawas sa gas ang pagtahimik natin.”
“Ninenerbyos din kasi ako,” she admitted.
“Ako rin.”



The Birth DATE

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Importanteng Babae

2012-kia-sportage-2wd-4-door-ex-angular-front-exterior-view_100364545_l“Masaya ka ba sa birthday mo?” My girlfriend asked.
“Oo kasi may babae ng dumating sa buhay ko… na simula dumating sya,” I answered, “Naging panatag na ang takbo ng buhay ko.”
Her eyes started to brighten listening to this.
“Di ko akalain na mas magiging masaya pa ako. Pwede pa pala.”
“Tapos comfortable na ang pagbyahe ko everyday.”
She then realized, “Si BASHA!?”
“Oo, sya nga.”



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