Poster Girl

My sister, Tem, was chosen as the poster girl for Mahi Mahi Restaurant. She didn’t expect that her pictures (take note: pictures) will be posted as the restaurant’s permanent ad. It is posted outside the restaurant and around Wafi Mall (the posh mall where Mahi Mahi is located).

Now clients would ask who the pretty girl outside the restaurant and ask for her advice on what food to eat, Tem is afterall the Fish Host of Mahi Mahi. She was so ecstatic and realized how she gained weight from the time the picture was taken, about three months ago, versus her current figure.

My flatmates exclaimed, “Wow! Ang galing naman ni Tem! Bakit kaya s’ya ang napili? Siguro dahil kailangan nila nang mukhang mahilig kumain.”


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