Just like a pre-colonial time explorer. I recently discovered a monkey but in my case, that we have a monkey. We have a monkey! We own a monkey!? I still find myself being surprised about the type of pets my parents chose to have. We had a snake, then an alamid (wild cat) now a monkey (these ofcourse are aside from your usual dogs, cats and chicken).

I asked my sister, Tem, “May unggoy pala tayo?” She answered seriously, “Oo naman kuya. Tagal na kaya.” I asked, “Kelan pa?” then she answered, “1982 pa kaya.” She is ridiculing me, but I can play her game. I dumbly asked, “Talaga? Kasing edad ko pa? Saan? Nasaan?” She answered, “Kalaro ko palagi yun nung bata ako.”



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