Santa Claus is Coming to Town

My sister, Ate Richie, is now based in the US. She occasionally visits us here in the Philippines during the Christmas Season. She usually brings home gadgets for us here. Last year, one of my nieces got a PSP, one had a Gameboy DS, my other sister, Tem, got an iPod nano and I got a O2 Xda IIs.

This year, my nieces totally forgot the idea that their favorite aunt is arriving for the holidays. While watching our favorite soap, Marimar, I spoke outloud, “Ano kaya maipauwi kay Ate Richie pag-uwi n’ya sa December 21? Hmmm?” while tapping my chin, “Siguro iPhone na lang.” At the corner of my eye, I saw Paula and Sam, my nieces, had a widest grin.

The next day, after arriving from work, Paula asked me, “Tito, kelan nga ulit ang uwi ni Tita Chie?” while Sam, my grade 3 niece, asked me a simple question, “Tito, anong celphone ang bagay sa akin?”


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