Nosebleed Extravaganza

Kuya Mark, my American Brother-in-Law, visited us for two days without Ate Richie. This was the first time that he visited without the aid (meaning: constant translation) of my sister.

When he was seen in off in the airport by TemJon-jon and Nanay, they realized that it was a quiet drive to the airport so Tem asked Nanay, “Nay, naikwento n’yo na ba ke Kuya Mark yung nangyari sa Bacoor?” A lawsuit was being filed by my cousin to some 20 drug addicts in Maliksi, Bacoor who beaten up my nieces in a fair (perya).

Nanay answered, “Hindi pa!”

“Sige, Nay,” Tem replied, “Ikwento mo!”

“Naku! Kahapon pa dumudugo ang ilong ko pati tenga na. Ikaw na magkwento!” Nanay replied.

Tem hesitated and asked Jon-jon to do it, “Bhie, kwento mo ke Kuya Mark.”

“Ayoko, Bhie, ang haba nun. Mahirap ikwento,” Jon-jon answered.

Tem was determined, “Kuya Mark, you know Ate Grace?” and she tried her best to tell the story while Nanay and Jon-jon slowly joined in the story telling. Some misunderstandings of words are asked by Kuya Mark constantly just to clarify them.

So it was three people telling one story to an American in the Philippines.


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