Bay Manila

One Friday back in the days when I still worked for BPI in Makati, the gang in the office agreed to do a Friday night gimmick. Destination: Manila Bay.

We arrived there at around 8pm. Ate at a fancy resto, drank beer while chillin’ to the music of the acoustic band. It’s a nice way to cap off the week that was.

At around 2 am, I was wondering why we are still there though we were all tired and there’s not a lot of topic to talk about, plus some of the bars are already closing. We are basically staring at the moon and the bay.

Two hours passed and still no one raised the idea of going home. By this time I’m guessing they are just overwhelmed about their first time-Baywalk Experience.

At around 4:30, I finally burst my heart out “Guys, Ba’t di pa tayo umuuwi?” Fil quickly anwered “’Di ba hinihintay natin ang sunrise? Maganda raw ang sunrise dito sa Manila Bay.” It still makes me smile just recalling that line.

“SUNSET! SUNSET! HINDI SUNRISE. Dito sisikat ang araw.” I said pointing on the opposite direction of the bay. Some answered “Ah, ganun ba? Ba’t di mo sinabi agad. Sana umuwi na tayo kanina pa.”

If I only knew that we were waiting for the sunrise, I should’ve told them earlier (or left them).


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