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BerryMore for Miggy’s Classmate

J.CoMiggy told her mom, “Mommy, next time daw Berrymore daw ang dalhin kong J.Co Donut sabi ng classmate ko ayaw nya raw ng Glaze.”
“Choosy pa sya! Nanghihingi lang sya.”
“Sabi ko nga po sa kanya, ‘Kay Mommy yun!'” It was Tem’s favorite.

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Miggy and Aki’s Unicycle

There was an instance where Miggy and his Lola (my nanay) had a fight.
Miggy screamed, “Lola! Galit ako sayo! Umalis ka dito sa bahay ko.”
“Aalis ako?” Lola asked.
“Yes! Lumayas ka wala kang dadalhin kundi yung bike ni Aki!”
“Bakit yun lang?” Nanay asked.
“Yun lang kasi di ko kaya gamitin.


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Miggy and Tito: Departure

“Miggy,” I asked my nephew, “Sad ka ba? Aalis na si Tito?”
“Yes,” at a young age of 6, he knew the concept of going away and letting go.
After he answered I left and went to the kitchen.
While I was in the kitchen, he whispered something to his mom, “Joke lang yun, ma,” as he was very happy that his evil tito is now going away again.

After Tem told me this, “Kuya, sabi ni Miggy joke lang daw yun!”
Miggy grabbed his mom’s mouth.
“Miggy!? Anong sabi mo?” I asked.
“Sorry! Sorry, Tito!”

Tem then asked again, “Miggy, sad ka aalis si Tito?”
“Yes,” the little kid answered.
Tem looked at his son’s face. “Uy! Tatawa yan.”
Miggy was really trying hard to hold his smile but would eventually laugh.
“Ulit-ulit!” Tem asked, “Miggy, sad ka aalis na si TIto?”
“Yes,” he answered straight faced but then laughed again.

“Miggy, aalis na rin si Ponette,” Miggy’s cousin will fly back to Japan after 2 weeks.
“Ay! BAKIT!?” He asked almost crying.
I overheard and asked, “Bakit ganyan tanong mo pag si Ponette. Bakit pa ako masaya ka?”
He was laughing hard when he realized this.

Miggy and Tem

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Paglaki Ko…

“Ano gusto mo maging paglaki mo?” I asked Ponette, my 10 year old niece.

“Magpinsan nga sila ni Miggy,” Tem butted in.
“Tinanong ko kasi si Miggy kung ano gusto n’ya maging paglaki n’ya… Gusto n’ya raw maging ANGRY BIRD.”


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Lumayas Kayo Dito!

37019_557988107587185_1602588071_n“Tsk!” Tem screamed, “Hay nakakainis!”
“Mommy, bakit?” Miguel asked.
“Nakakainis ang lolo mo. Kakagaling lang sa sakit may bisita na para mag-inuman,” she told her son.
“Ah ganun ba?” Miggy concluded, “Sige, Mommy, dyan ka lang ha?”

Miggy went to his Lolo and his friends and screamed, “Hoy! Lumayas kayo dito!!! Kakagaling lang sa sakit ng Lolo ko!”
“Miguel!” Lolo screamed embarrassed, “Magaling na ako! Dun ka sa loob ng bahay!”

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The The District

Miggy thought there’s a single word called “Thedistrict’, referring to the newly opened Ayala Mall in Imus.


Whenever he asks her mom to go there, he would plead, “Ma! Punta tayo sa The Thedistrict.”

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Miggy New Outlook

Miggy“Kamusta si Miguel” I asked Tem.
“Mabait na sya sa school.”
“Hindi na sya nanunusok ng ballpen?”
“Hindi na. Matagal nanag hindi ganun,” my sister answered, “Takot na nga maleyt ngayon.”

Lolo! Dali! Maleleyt na ako!

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Miggy Answers the Phone

539135_156181814504001_673674686_nMiggy, is currently on that stage — hurriedly answering the phone ahead of everyone.
“Hello, sino to?” he had asked one caller.
Since he cannot hear the other party, he asked again, “Sino ka nga ulit?”.
And again… Unknowingly that it was his teacher, “Teacher ako ni Miguel.”
The little boy froze.

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“Tem, kilala pa ba ako ni Miguel?” I asked my sister back home. I suddenly missed my 4 year old nephew.
“Kuya… Paano ka naman malilimutan ni Miguel eh… SANDAMUKAL ANG PICTURE MO DITO!”

Photo on 8-19-11 at 4.03 PM #2

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Sleep Talkin’ 13: Miguel & Vicks

“Tito, si Miguel nagsasalita pag tulog,” Tem told me, “Ang sabi: AYOKO NG VICKS! Manang-mana.”

I guess it runs in the family.

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