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Push It

I was recently invited to be part of my choir’s Council, the governing body of the Christian Voices Chorale.
My first meeting of the group was held in Argo Tea in City Walk. The door of the Tea shop was tight and you really need to push it hard in order for you to get in.

10295690_10204573869776355_101170286996906400_nWhen we were discussing about the planned shirt of the group, a group of European girls were trying to get in in the tea shop. Fermel was facing the door and so he actioned to the girls, “Push it! Push!”
Tina, who was not facing the door thought, “Akala ko i-push ang t-shirt plan.”
We all laughed.

It’s funny how “PUSH MO YAN” changed its meaning these past years.

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For Rant

Tina posted this picture in the official CVC BBM Group:



Her caption was — “Tawagan n’yo na lang s’ya kung kailangan n’yo magreklamo.”


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Breastfeeding in the Mall

“May nakita akong nag-be-breastfeed sa mall! Hindi ba bawal yun?” Tina asked.
“Hindi naman bawal,” I answered, “Basta sanggol ang dumedede.”
“Sanggol naman,” Tina answered, “Buti na lang.”

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New Low

Tina, the shortest member of our choir, happily approached us and said, “I’m so happy! Mas matangkad ako kay Mat!” Mat was our newest Alto member.
“Naka-heels ka!” Ella screamed.
“Konti lang (inches) to oh!” she replied cheerfully.

Shortest and Tallest

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CVC Cosplay

I attended my first Cosplay last night with my Dubai choir, CVC.

When this was announced weeks before, everybody’s reaction was: Kailangan pa bang ganun? Wala kaming costume.
Last night’s usual reaction was: Ang saya! Dapat laging ganito.

I arrived as The Joker. Other characters that joined in were Catwoman, Darna, Neo (Mr. Anderson), the Scream killer, Freddie Krueger, April Boy Regino, Faye, Ina Magenta, Star Brite and Darna among others.

As we are being imaginative while already being in costume, people are thinking outside the box and asked, whether I was McDonald or Kuya Germs.

Kathy donned a Pocahontas costume (or was it Tiger Lily?) but everybody was screaming: ULA! ULA! ANG BATANG GUBAT!
Tina was Star Brite (an old cartoon from yesteryears) but some screamed: Jolina the Early Years.

Kuya Rolly was “Mr. Bean” but we assumed he was just Gus Abelgas. Liza said she’s Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s but we thought she could also be an Imelda Marcos. When a plate accidentally broke off and pierced thru her skin during dinner, we all said, “Assassination attempt kay Imelda!”

Atong donned the Scream Mask from the Scream Film series. He keeps forgetting that he is wearing a mask! Everytime there’s a photo op, I had to remind him, “Huwag kang mag-smile! Di kita yan sa picture.”

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Smart Casual

Our choirmate was getting married and we were invited. The dress code says Smart Casual.
Tina asked, “Paano ‘yun? Smart na ako? So mag-ka-casual na lang ako?”

Tina sitting ‘Smartly’ in the Middle.

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Job Description

In the choir we’re discussing various topics when we arrived on the topic of our different job posts.
“Maganda nga trabaho nila eh,” someone from my choir told me about Tina, Nike and Celso‘s work.
“Ano ba work nila?”
“Mga laging naka-nganga.”
“Ano ‘yun?” I asked them.
“Mga engineer. Nakatingala kasi sila lagi.”
“Oo nga naman.”

Try n’yo tumingala ng matagal ng hindi naka-nganga. Nakakastress.

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