Got Oatmeal

After noticing Joy’s increasing weight we suggested that she eat oatmeal as an alternative to her usual rice meals. She said that she can’t stand the taste of oatmeal. The guys suggested these remedies to hide the taste of oatmeal:


  1. Tapa Oatmeal Itlog – A spin off from the famous Tapsilog (Tapa sinangag ang itlog) but this time it’s called Tapoatlog.
  2. Hotdog Oatmeal Extravaganza – Boo suggested that Joy eat Hotdog and oatmeal alternately, it neutralizes to powdery taste.
  3. Milo Oatmeal a la Nobleza – Arlyn suggested to mix the Milo with the Oatmeal to create a champorado effect.
  4. Tuyo and Oatmeal – The best suggestion so far. Replacing rice will be at its ultimate if parterned with Tuyo.
  5. Bailey’s Oatmeal – Talk about neutralizing the taste, I’ll bet my ass you won’t even taste the oatmeal with this combination.
  6. Oatmealette – Fold oatmeal inside a beaten egg. Disgustingly good.

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