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Lo(ser)tto 2

One day after I’ve posted about my dream lotto jackpot post somebody won. 😦

But I cannot be sad just yet, I know my mom and sister is an avid lotto bettor, maybe WE won the Php 741M so I posted a question on my sister’s Facebook wall.

Our cousin immediately responded:


–If only life was that easy. 😦


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As we have encountered the word ‘tyranny‘ in one of our songs, one choirmate asked, “Tee-ra-nee ba o Tai-ra-nee?” as how to pronounce the word.
“Tai-ra-nee,” I answered.
Everybody else screamed, “Tee-ra-nee. Tee-ra-nee!”
“Bakit? Tee-ra Banks ba ‘yun?”

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Scrap Your Innocent Childhood Memories

I just love it when my favorite children shows are re-imagined.

Dora the Explorer a la Inception

Care Bears: Back in Action


Christopher Nolan’s Blue’s Clues

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Since the pot is more than Php 700M already…

“Guys, ganito na lang,” I proposed to my flatmates, “Paano kaya kung tayaan natin lahat ng combination sa lotto? Balita ko 58M para tayaan lahat ng combination eh. Pagsamasamahin natin lahat ng pera natin.”

“Eh kahit 1 Million wala tayo eh,” Marish answered.

Yun nga lang 😦

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After being pissed at something, Ronald told me, “Relax ka lang! Chilled!” then when he realized that he was wrong, he followed up immediately, “May nagsabi sa akin ‘Chill’ lang pala ‘yun. Hindi chilled.”
“You mean all this time chilled ang sinasabi mo?” I asked him.
“Sinabi ko kaya sa teacher ko ‘yun dati. Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Ma’am, chilled ka lang.'”

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Horror for Guests

Since our living room is hidden from the hallway, one can only guess who’s sitting on the living area.

One time, I had Patrick, Susan and Anthony as guests when Sheery jumped in on our living room from the hall and screamed, “Haaaaiiiiiiii….. Ay sorry…” she realized that it’s not her usual housemates.
“Ayan!” I told her, “Talon ka kasi ng talon. Akala mo tayo-tayo lang!”


Last week, Ronald and I immediately left a birthday party as Bing and Beaula would be coming to our flat as house guests. They occasionally visited for our much look forwarded poker nights.
After going in inside the house, we heard them and we immediately went straight to the living room.
Ronald jumped and did ‘a Sheery’, “Hello everybody,” he said something afterwards but as I was drunk, I didn’t bother listening.
I lay down on the floor and positioned myself to do my exorcism walk.

I slowly walked ‘exorcismwise’. While doing it, I realized that everybody seated on the couches were people I didn’t knew! They were Sheery’s friends!

At the kitchen, which we passed by, I saw Sheery, Ronald, Beaula, Marish and Bing laughing.
“Ayan! Basta ka kasi gumagapang sa salas!”
“Bakit kasi ‘di mo ako binalaan! Hindi pala sila ‘yun!” I told Ronald.
“Napahiya na rin kaya ako. Bahala ka na sa buhay mo,” he answered.
“Mukha akong tanga. Habang palabas si Ronald ng living room, dahan dahan pa akong humihiga, dapat sinabihan mo na ako nun!”
“Nag-so-sorry na ako sa kanila, di mo naririnig, nahihiga ka pa d’yan,” Ronald told everybody.
“Medyo may tama pa ako eh.”
They were all laughing at me.

The Laughers


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Lucky Rice

“Bakit ka nagsaing?” I asked Ronald, “Kakakain lang natin ah.”
“Malas sa bahay ang walang lutong kanin,” he answered.
“Ganun?” I replied, “Kawawa naman ang mga Amerikano, wala silang kanin sa bahay nila, mamalasin sila.”


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