Ramadan Postscript


My sister and I went to the mall, Dubai Festival City, last September 5, it was the peak of Ramadan. No one is allowed to smoke, drink and EAT in public. We went there to buy some personal stuff from Ikea.

This was also the day that I moved my stuff from the hotel to the flat. We did this early in the morning so that we could get things done earlier. We weren’t able to eat even breakfast.

We were so tired and hungry so she decided to eat in the food court. We decided on Burger King. While queing on line I told her, “Tem, sigurado ka ba?”

“Oo, kuya,” she affirmed, pointing the woman with kids, “Tignan mo ‘yung babae kumakain.”

“Pero may anak s’ya,” I anwered, “exempted ang buntis saka mga bata sa fasting nila.”

“Kunyari buntis nalang ako,” she answered.

We were about to bite on our burgers – nervously, BTW, you could get imprisoned for eating in public and the local people have the right to act violently if they felt insulted, so you could imagine our nerves.

After the first bite, a mall policeman, approached us, “No-no, you cannot eat that here.”

We immediately packed it and walked around the mall with our one-bite BK Sandwiches.

We were tired, sleepy, thirsty and hungry then add a bag of BK that we can’t eat. Ramadan Kareem to you too!!!


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