Clowing Around

During our monthly Company General Assembly, we usually hold
themed parties where different Regions are assigned per month. Last month the
Chinese Region was assigned and they held a Chinese themed program (dragon
dance, Chinese food, Chinese hosts, etc).

This month, our region will finally sponsor the General
Assembly. The unanimous decision was to prepare a “Going Bulilit” Theme for the
event. We’ll have clowns, cotton candies, finger food and the hosts will be
child-like. Warren was assigned to play one of the two clowns, but due to the
revision of the program, the director changed her mind and decided that Warren
should play the role as one of the gay hosts in Sinetch Itey Though Warren
didn’t like the idea of playing a clown he’d rather play the clown part than
play the role of a man pretending to be a kid and pretending to be gay.

Estela (director):    Sige
na Warren bakla
ka na?


Warren:                 Hindi! Clown ako!


Me:                       Sige
na pare kayang-kaya mo yun.


Warren:                 Hindi clown na lang ako.


Freida:                  Sige
pag di ka pumayag, baklang clown ang role mo.


Warren:                Sige, bakla na lang ako.


Estela (to all):         Yehey!
Bakla na si Warren!
Bakla na si Warren!


Me:                         Talaga
pare, bakla ka na?


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