Government Warning

Government warning: Never ever EVER speak of date experiences with your new date (even if you have vivid memories that it was with them). Make new discussions with your new date and never pick up topics from old discussions.

Why? I had once a date with someone (some of you know her already), we were trying to catch a movie after work and hurriedly flew to Greenbelt 3 from our building in Ayala Ave. As we checked the movie we were planning to watch, we realized that we were already late. We then checked the Glorieta showing of the same movie in a poster in Greenbelt and we realized that we still could catch up the movie one hour from the time we saw the poster.

We then walked the long walkway of Greenbelt through Landmark then to Glorietta. We then reached the Glorieta 4 cinema only to find out that we were already late because of the erroneous movie schedule in Greenbelt.

We then got pissed off and looked for someone to blame for the wrong time posted in the previous mall. We found our target! The ticket lady! She apologized and called her counterpart in Greenbelt. After the battle with the poor girl, we arrived in the conclusion to just window-shop around Glorietta.

We then ate dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. During that dinner, I told her to never trust that movie guide again. Why? Because that’s the second time that we were fooled by that same movie scheduling posted in Greenbelt.

She paused for a while, and then told me slowly that it was our first time to look at that movie schedule. I blushed a little as I slowly realized she was not the same date that I was with when I checked that same poster.

Jeez…How should I know?


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