Mouse Potatoes

I am trying to monitor the time the kids, Paula and Sam, my nieces, spend their time using the internet so I see to it that they finish using the computer by 9pm. I would always warn them, “Tama na yang internet na ‘yan.”




One time, I arrived at 8 pm and Sam asked, “Tito, pa-internet!”

I answered, “Di pwede.”

She answered, “Ok.”

By 9 pm she again asked, “Tito, pa-internet?”

I answered, “9 o’clock na. Di na pwede.”

She, being a smarty pants that she is, answered, “Eh Tito 8 palang kaya kanina nung nagtanong ako sa’yo ng pa-internet.”

I answered, “Oh sige mag-internet ka na KANINANG 8. Eh 9 na tama na yang internet na ‘yan.”


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