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Healthy Cake

It’s her birthday. I told my friends, “Healthy cake gusto nun!”

 So we prepared a watermelon cake, “Healthy na, tipid pa.”

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Earn It

“Tagal mo sa CR!” Ronald blurted out.
“Nauna ako magising eh. Ano gusto mo? Pagkagising mo Ikaw na? Hindi ganun ang mundo. Gusto mo mauna, kailangan mo gumising ng maaga,” I told him, “You have to earn it.”
“Andami mo sinabi.”

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I told the female receptionist, “There’s no AC in the men’s toilet.”
“Also in the women’s toilet,” she answered.
I told her, “Then it’s just fair. Thanks!”

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Madapa Ka!

Everytime we scream this to little Filipino kids we realise that other nationalities might think we’re swearing.

Mutha Fucka!

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Jollibee Dubai Opens

The Jollibee gods have answered our prayers and a Dubai branch has finally opened yesterday at the Dubai Mall Food Court.

Ronald got in line as early as 10 AM and have managed to snatch 2 buckets of Chickenjoy, 2 Yum Burgers, Jolly Hotdogs and Jolly Spaghetti after two hours. It was, according to him, exhausting but it was the kind of exhaustion that was ok.

Everybody was happy just to get the first taste of the authentic Jollibee taste.

He told us the following anecdotes:

1. “Manager ng McDonald’s gusto pumila sa Jollibee.”

2. Ate (Other shops Filipino salesperson): Kuya! Dito na kayo! Ice Cream, walang pila.
Jollibee Buyer in line: Kunyari pa si ate gusto n’ya rin naman ng Jollibee.
Ate: Mamaya! (sabay kindat)

3. Foreign Nationals: Why is there a line? Is the food free?

4. Jolly Hotdog and Yum Burger ran out of stock at 4 PM.

5. Electrician of Jollibee helped with the packing of take aways. That’s how crazy it was.

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