Maid Application

Chona, a bank officer in BDO, told me that she is having a hard time looking for a maid to clean her house and serve her husband, Pau, while she is in the office.


One time, her mom recommended someone from the province. Upon seeing the girl she told her mom in front of the girl, “Ay! Hindi na pala! May ni-refer na sa akin yung kakilala ko,” she told her mom.

“Pasensya ka na, hija,” she then told the girl.

Her mom, confused at her daughters comment said, “Akala ko ba wala pa?”

She replied, “Hindi, Ma! Meron na.”

After the girl left she felt so relieved.


I felt that the story ended there so I then asked, “Eh bakit nga ba di mo kinuha yung bata?”

She frowned and said, “Eh, Orlee, bakit ko naman kukunin ‘yun? Eh kamukhang kamukha ni Ann Curtis! Mas makinis pa! Eh kung matukso si Pau! Hindi na lang!”


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