If a Face Could Launch a Thousand Ships

Back in my BPI days we had a group activity, paint ball (simulated war zone in Antipolo). After the tiring day, K, a former colleague, and I traveled back to Cavite riding in a regular paying bus, inshort, air cooool.


Unfortunately for us, it’s a standing room only. So, there we were, tired, with a lot of things to carry (I was carrying one of K’s bags) and we have no choice but to stand inside a crowded bus.


Now add another factor to the challenge: The driver seems to be an alumnus of the Jess Lapid stunt driver’s school. He stops and goes as he pleases. Great!


During one big halt, I lost my balance and tried to grab the top part of the passenger’s seat next to me. I was trying to balance two big bags plus K and myself. I tried to grab K with my left arm and grabbed the part of the seat where the seated passenger next to me was leaning on with my right hand. Unluckily for the passenger, I accidentally grabbed his face. I knew I was holding his face but I cannot let go because if I did, I would have dropped on the floor. Imagine his face carrying all the load of K, the bags and me.


After that, the passenger slowly looked up to me and then bowed (as if in self pity). I apologized for doing such a horrible thing to him.


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