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Goodbye 2012: A Summary

And that’s it! Another year is over. 2012 has been great for me. It is the year when I stepped into my 30s (scary and exciting at the same time). Work has been A LOT but at least my hardwork and efforts are not put in vain – finally.
It has been a year of travel: hopped to the Southeast Asian country of Brunei before flying home back in March and did the 8-country adventure to Europe: #GermayFranceSwitzerlandItalyVaticanAustriaSlovakiaCzech. Made new friends and lost some.

As usual, I tried to summarize the year’s best 25 blog posts and realized that I was not particularly funny this year (insert words of encouragement here). Well at least I tried. Here it is boys and girls, feast eys and funny bones.

25. Wow Mali! Walang Gagalaw – 21 April
24. Peg 101 – 05 February
23. Rocking it Richie – 08 January
22. Nanay’s Pasalubong 2012 – 03 March
21. Of Money and Gold Bars – 05 April
20. Smile Shutter Camera – 03 January
19. Rebellion Against the Norms – 27 March
18. Lotto: The Answer – 02 April
17. Patronize Me – 07 March
16. Miggy and His Big Spoon – 22 March
15. Fart Wars: Lolo vs Miguel – 20 March
14. Splitting the Bill – 20 March
13. When Pigs Fight – 12 May
12. Postal Parent – 02 June
11. Lolo and Shalani – 02 June
10. The Walking Dead for Nanay – 04 December
09. Tiktik Chronicles: Tem’s Story – 05 September
08. Atong’s Last Wish – 15 April
07. Turquoise – 22 November
06. Subject-Verb Agreement – 22 April
05. Miggy and His Seatbelt – 23 March
04. The Ateneo Jacket Incident – 25 February
03. Drugs or Teenage Pregnancy – 19 March
02. Don’t Sing in the Lift – 22 August
01. Fatty and Puss-y – 17 March


As I close 2012, here’s the highlights of the evens for the year that was (Some Nights by fun.)

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2012 Funny Facebook Status

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 1.44.53 AM

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Wacky! Wacky!

16280995While reading ‘The Morning Rush Book 2’, Ness told us, “Sabi dito: Ang tunay na panget, laging sumisigaw ng Wacky sa mga group shots! Lagi pa naman ako nakasigaw ng ‘Wacky! Wacky!'”
Ronald laughed.
“Di ko na ulit gagawin yun,” Ness concluded.

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Mark’s Merry Christmas

834_4689664532230_2059629196_nWe all decided to wear red on our Christmas Eve party. All agreed and arrived that night wearing the staple holiday color, all of us except for Mark, as he needed to go to work in an hour’s time after our party started. He wore his white shirt. He needed to run after we ate our Noche Buena so we decided to handover all our gifts before he left. While doing this one blurted, “Parang outreach program lang para kay Mark oh!”

We all saw what was obvious and we all laughed.
“Parang kawawa naman si Mark!” we agreed while laughing.


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Midnight Run

29601_4509115458616_1453688525_n“Bakit ayaw nyong tumakbo sa midnight run?” Ness asked.
“Ayaw, kasi dis-oras na ng gabi,” I answered.
“Eh bakit dati tumakbo kayo?” she followed.
“Kasi naman 7 o’clock lang yung dati.”
“Eh eto ba anong oras?”
“Ay! Oo nga! Midnight nga pala.”

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6 Days of Christmas

One client decided to cancel our choir as our price was too high. They requested the price to be half-ed so I told the group, “Instead na 12 Days of Christmas… 6 Days na lang.”
“It’s the so-so wonderful time of the year.”

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La Salle College Jacket

533720_10151324524994399_1603203492_nI received a “La Salle” College Jacket for Christmas from Ness.

I wore it today when the group saw “Life Of Pi” movie.
I looked sharp and very Lasallite sporting it.
Unfortunately for me tonight, after seeing the movie, I slipped and blurted out, “Ay Put!#@%na!”
Ness laughed hard. She then asked me, “Orlee, kapag suot mo naman yan wag ka naman magmumura pag nadulas ka. La Salle na La Salle pa naman oh!”

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Doomsday Fail

My family is so accepting of doomsday.

My eldest sister in Japan on the phone talking to my mom in the Philippines, “Nay, kamusta dyan (sa Pinas)? Wala pa bang namamatay?”


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Pasko 2012: PLDT Commercial

I posted this on facebook as a joke today…

Screen Shot 2012-12-25 at 2.44.49 AM

A few minutes later, my sister called from the Philppines, “Kuya!”
“Bakit ka tumawag? Magpapaiyak ka lang?” I told her.
“Wala namiss lang kita! Andami kasing food naalala kita,” she sounded sincere.
“Bwisit ka!” I screamed at her, feeling homesick.
“Hahahaha! O eto si Miguel,” she told me while passing the phone to Miggy, “Tito! Lasss Kwismasss, I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away dis year to save me from tears I gave it to someone special.”
“Ang galing!” I told Miguel.


Life imitating art.

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Walking Dead for Nanay 2

Tem sent me a BBM today…

Si Nanay sinermonan si Sam kaninang umaga, “Samantha, bakit di mo dina-download yung Walking Dead ko? Ang tagal nang sinasabi sa’yo eh!”

The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC


Nay, season break po ang Walking Dead…

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