Peg 101

05 Feb

I have noticed that people nowadays are using the word “peg” a lot lately. In order to be in the in, I asked the expert in using the word.
I have sent Ella a Blackberry Message, “Ano ang tama? (1) Sandstorm ang peg ng Dubai; (2) Sandstorm ang peg ng weather; or (3) Sandstorm ang peg today.”
“Yung last,” she answered.
“:o” I replied. I was expecting the first one was it.
“Sandstorm ang peg today ;)”
“Di ko talaga gets!” I answered frustratingly.
“Haaay!” she answered.
I tried again, “Di n’ya nagets ang peg. Tama na?”

Yesterday, I came to realization the real meaning of peg (thanks to Ron) so I tweeted…

Dollar ang peg sa Brunei.



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Posted by on February 5, 2012 in Dubai Friends



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