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Marclee calls me Nongnong since I am his godfather. I thought, “Atong is also his godfather…” so for Marclee not to get confuse names having so many godfathers (thanks Ronald!) I’ve decided that Atong should have a separate name –Nongnog!

Atong heard me telling Marclee, “Marclee, I’m Nongnong. Ninang Mitch is Nangnang and Ninong Atong is Nongnog.”
Atong laughed hysterically, “Ninong na sunog!?”


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Pog vs Taching

We were playing poker when Mark started smashing the chips with each other.
Patrick screamed, “Pog!”
I said “Pog!”
Mark himself said, “Pog!”
Atong then answered, “Taching.”

Mark then recognized each uttered words, “Napag-aalaman lang generation! Sabi ko Pog, sabi ni Orlee Pog, sabi ni Pat Pog… Sabi ni Atong Taching.”
We all laughed then Sef said, “Ano yung pog? Ano yung taching?”

poker time

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All About the Basses

Meghan_Trainor_-_All_About_That_Bass_(Official_Single_Cover)“Anong kanta yan?” Atong, my Bass-mate in my choir, asked the song that my iPod is playing.
“All About That Bass,” I answered.
“Bakit puro ganun — Badabeys badabeys…”


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Who I Am?

6-18_siri_2Ronald was playing with Atong’s Siri on his iPhone, “How’s the temperature in London?” and Siri would gladly answer.
Afterwards, he screamed, “WHO I AM?!”
Siri answered, “You are Renato, that’s what you told me, anyway.”
At that point Atong and I were laughing our asses off already as his sentence construction was wrong and that he has asked it as if he was bullying Siri.

The days that followed that moment, we went on screaming randomly at Ronald, “WHO I AM!?”

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Support in Gym

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.15.15 PMAt the gym, Atong and I interchange the usage of the word Support and Spot.
So when he told me to “support” him while he does his Pull Ups, instead of going below him and push his legs up, I went on his side and screamed, “Go! Go! Go! Kaya mo yan!”
He stopped and laughed it off.
“Seryoso na!” he told me.

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Atong: Ikea Model

Ronald, Bing, Atong and I were in IKEA yesterday and saw this packed quilt.

10358047_10152813432434325_683476428_nI told Atong, “Atong! Ikaw ang model oh! Pikit ka nga.”
He was hesitant at first but he eventually did it.

10300026_10152813432924325_3923512311656416825_nOther people were laughing at us (him) while he was doing this.

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Blackberry Z10 with Free Ear Muffs

Last month was Gitex – a bi-annual event held in UAE where they sell electronics like hotcakes. Gadgets were so cheap!

Atong was telling off my year old phone to our choir friends, “Yung phone nag ni Orlee – Blackberry Z10 – AED 700 na lang. May libre pang…” and he acted out the freebie – a headphone but he cannot remember the word for it.
“Headband?” I kiddingly answered.
“Ear muffs?” Nike followed suit.


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“Sakit ng katawan ko… NAGCHES ako,” Atong said.
“Hala!” Mitch reacted, “Nag-chest lang sumakit na katawan mo?”
I got what Mitch heard but I knew what Atong said. He meant CHEST. Mitch heard CHESS.
“Nag-chest exercises si Atong sa gym,” I told Mitch.
Atong laughed and said, “Ano ba akala mo Mitch? Chess?”
“Akala ko naman nagkasuntukan na dahil sa chess,” Mitch answered.

Orlee Mitch Atong

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Erik Matti Pop Quiz

On_the_Job_Philippine_theatrical_poster“Erik Matti yan. Maganda yan!” Atong exclaimed. We were talking about watching ‘On The Job’, the director’s latest film.
“Ah Oo. Erik Matti… Sige nga…” I wanted to challenge him, “Name at least two Erik Matti films.”
“Ummm… di ko alam hehe.”
I laughed, “Shuhada!”
“Ikaw nga!” he asked me.
“Batang PX!”
“Ah talaga? S’ya ba yun?” Atong asked.
“Oo,” I proudly answered.


I would later learn that Erik Matti did not direct Batang PX but Atong does not need to know that.

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654681f8eefdc13ad8dee196ff2a74f71366329524_full“Nagstart na ako magbasa ng Divergent,” I told Atong.
“Eh young Attack on Titan? Tapos mo na?” He asked.
“Eh Manga naman yun,” I answered.
“Ano?” he asked.
“Manga,” I said firmly.
“Anong manga?… Kalabaw?”
“Manga! Komiks,” I answered while not believing that he does not know the Japanese comics.



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