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Maong Polo

Tem told me today via BBM, “Kuya, buti na lang nagpapalit si Ate Mitch ng damit. Akala ko isang araw lang lahat ng lakad n’yo. Lahat ng picture ‘yun lang suot mo! Yung maong na polo!”
“Bakit ba eh paborito ko yun!” I told her, “Saka uso ‘yun.”
“Magpalit ka naman!”
“Dalawa yun! Magkamukha lang.”
“Palit-palit din pag may time.”

Grand Hyatt Double Date

Grand Hyatt Dinner

Mitch Birthday

Mitch’s Birthday

Wagamama Dinner

Group Date 26 October

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Youtube Cry

GentealBeen monitoring my eye drops since my doctor required me to regularly put GenTeal for two weeks before I can proceed with my LASIK Operation.

I left the drop yesterday at home so I told my friends, “Naiwan ko eye drops ko! Kailangan kong umiyak. Ano kaya papanoorin kong youtube video? Yung Anak scene o yung Coca-Cola?” on BBM.


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Basket Case

Saw this on Facebook yesterday…



Atong’s new roommate, Eric, apparently forgotten to return the grocery basket in front of the store. He brought it up. This was after he saw a friend along the way and chitchatted along Al Rigga.
Funny Story.

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Not So Normal Orlee and Mitch

When Ronald learned that I gave Mitch a “100th Day” gift, he uttered, “Weird mo. 100 days? Sine-celebrate.”

I was of course following Mitch and mine’s Korean tradition. Only Korean’s celebrate 100 Days of everything.

100th day

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Yesterday, Ronald was reading the requirements for a Filipino to have a problem-free exit from the Philippine Immigration going to Dubai to me and Atong. He got the list from his friend. 

“Tol requirements for tourism:,” he was reading off his Facebook inbox.
“1. Authenticated affidavit of support from a relative within the 4th civil degree of CONSANGINUALITY/affinity duly certified by the phillipine embassy/ consulate in the country of destination.
2. Copy of sponsor’s passport bio-page, visa and POEA clearance or OEC (if sponsor is an OFW) sponsor.
3. Original NSO issue birth/marriage certificate of all persons connecting passenger to the sponsor.
4. If former OFW, bring a copy of the latest OEC or POEA information sheet.”

Atong stopped him, “Ano? Consanginuality? CONSANGUINITY!”
“Hala!? Mali ba?” Ronald asked, “Binasa ko pa naman ng dahan dahan para maintindihan n’yo.”
“Ano yun beauty contest ng mga kamag-anak?” I sarcastically asked him.
“CONSANGINUALITY — Consaguinity,” 



Tatlong Itlog

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TBT #10: Kamusta Lovelife?

It’a amazing how ones life can change in 5 years. I clearly remember forwarding this email to both Zinnia and Susan back in September 2008:

One of my favorite blogs, Strange Fruit, posted the top answers to the question: Musta na Lovelife? I forwarded the list to the single ladies on the top of my mind: Zinnia and Susan.

Zinnia answered, “Nakaka-relate ako sa number 6. Eto parang patis… andaming gustong makisawsaw… Noon pa man, may nakekealam, may nag-sa suggest at kung ano ano pa.”

Susan didn’t choose one because she has her own entry: “Eto, candidate for 30 year old virgin.”

facebook-20131017-084447 facebook-20131017-084521

Zinnia is now currently vacationing in the Philippines with HER husband and almost 2 year old son, while Susan just celebrated her one year anniversary with HER husband, Anthony.

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TBT #9: Utang Mo!

Just told Mitch about this anecdote.


Aki wanted Jollibee for merienda, she asked her lola, “Lola, kain tayo sa Jollibee?”
Nanay quite pissed, lack of budget we suppose, answered, “Jollibee-hin mo mukha mo.”
Aki, being the defensive apo that she is answered, “Lola, hindi ka nakakatawa, ha?”
“Sabihin mo kasi sa mama mo magbayad ng utang n’ya,” answered nanay.
Aki answered, “Sinabi ko na nga ‘yun.”
Nanay replied, “Ganito sabihin mo: Mama, magbayad ka na raw ng utang mo.”
Aki, confused by the idea, said, “Lola, parang mura ‘yun? Utang mo? Parang Tangnamo.”
We laughed our asses off, hearing this from a 5 year old.

Aki Lola Pong

Lola with her two then 5 year old nieces (Aki and Pong)

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Mistaken Atongtity

asfdWhile watching the Spinning Dancer in Al Khalidiya Mall today, I thought of capturing in video the dancer and my friends who were watching.

At first, I knew that Lilly and Tin were there so after capturing the dancer, I shot the mother and daughter. I saw Atong in my peripheral vision so I captured him here. Unfortunately, it was not Atong! See at 0:06.


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The Peaceful Neighborhood

Was Skyping with my sister this morning. She told me about the events of 12th October evening in our home in Cavite.

Patulog na ako nun kuya. Tapos yung mga bisita taga-dulo ng Del Pilar nagsisisigaw nananaman sa harap ng bahay natin. Babae yun parang Highschool or College. Ang sigaw eh, “Bakit ayaw mo na sa akin?” at nagmamakaawa sa lalaki.
Sinsampal na s’ya ng lalaki para mahimasmasan. Nag-lalasing-lasingan lang naman.
Napikon ako kasi syempre mga anak ko patulog na… kaya bumaba na ako binuksan ko ang gate at sumigaw ng, “Hoy! Mga put$%^&*! Awat-awatin n’yo ‘yang babaeng ‘yan! Pag ako napikon susungalngalin ko yang babaeng ‘yan. Ang laki ng bakuran n’yo ah! Hangang dito nag-e-eskandalo kayo!”
Ayun! Kuya! Tumahimik ang babae. Nawala ang pagkalasing.

I was laughing my ass off when Tem added…

Nung isang taon daw, sabi ni Tatay, ganun din daw. Ewan ko ba bakit laging sa bahay natin. Fiesta din nun! Sa harap ulit ng bahay natin. May dalawang lalaki nagsusuntukan. Walang makaawat eh napasandal sa gate natin. Yung gate napabukas. Sumigaw daw yung mga taga-awat… “Hoy! Wag kayo d’yan! Mababaril kayo d’yan!” Bigla raw tumayo yung dalawa tumigil sa away nila. 

“Natakot sila kay Tatay?” I asked Tem.
“Oo,” she answered, “Babarilin ang takutan!”
“Shoot to kill sa bakuran!?” I asked laughing.


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Can’t Complain

images“How are you?” I would normally ask colleagues.


These are the usual answers… except for one colleague, Grant, who would normally answer, “Can’t complain.”

One time, he asked me, “Orlee, how are you?”
I answered his way of answering the same question, “Can’t complain… Legally,” I kiddingly answered.
“Legally?” he asked.
“Yes,” I answered, “If I complain I’ll be deported.”

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