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Multi-Named Baby

Pregnancy is hard: I don’t know this but Zinnia tells me everyday.

“Kagabi sabi ni Archie, dagdagan daw ng isa pa ang pangalan ng baby namin,” she told me today, “Sabi ko sa kanya andami nang pangalan ng anak namin.”
“Tapos?”  I asked.
“Sabi n’ya, ‘Sige sa next na lang.’ Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Anong next time!!?!? Sige ilagay mo na ang pangalan sa baby natin ngayon. Kahit limang pangalan pa ‘yan! Ayoko na ulit,'”

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Facebook Status(es) of the Week

Within the span of 9 minutes I saw one Chorale-mate, from La Salle, update his status from hopeful to failure. Poor guy.

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Rosario & Rosario

One of my BBM group includes Che-che, real name Rosario Palomar.

Today I posted a very broad message, “Rosario mamaya ha?”
Atong and Ronald understood my message as we three were supposed to watch Rosario, the 2010 Period Film which starred Jennylyn Mercado.
Che confusingly asked, “Huh!?!?”
“Manonood kami ng sine mamaya, Che,” Ronald explained.
“Rosario ang title ng movie,” I answered.
“Akala ko may lakad tayong nalimutan ko,” Rosario answered.

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Grace and Stella, calls each other B1 and B2, just like the twin bananas in the children show BANANAS IN PYJAMAS.

During last night’s Hat Party, Arn-arn questioned, “Ano meaning ng ‘B’?
Everybody laughed as it simply means something big in Filipino. Arn immediately defended himself and said, “Bu-lup-choos.”

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Early Orlee

Whenever I have a gig or a concert, I would always ask my boss that I need to come home early from office.
“Why, Orlee?” she would ask.
“I have a show with my choir.”

My colleague and team mate, Sharad, had a realization. He told me, “Orlee, you know what? I need to join these choir group things. So that our boss can also allow me to come home early.”

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Rollie’s Staring Game

My friends and I saw The Script last Saturday. Rollie, our small but terrible choir mate, bought his tickets and tagged along. Everybody was dressed down and when I say dressed down, necklines were really down…down.

Mabel told Rollie, “Oy! Ang mata mo!” because of his height everything was eye-level.
Rollie defended himself, “Hindi ko kasalanan! Nakatingin din sa akin yung mga ano nila!”

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Grade 2 Photo Bomber

One classmate posted our 2nd Grade photo.Try to look for me.

Then I saw a young photo bomber. I just realized that photo bombing was done even in the early 90s. Hah!

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