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TBT #10: Kamusta Lovelife?

It’a amazing how ones life can change in 5 years. I clearly remember forwarding this email to both Zinnia and Susan back in September 2008:

One of my favorite blogs, Strange Fruit, posted the top answers to the question: Musta na Lovelife? I forwarded the list to the single ladies on the top of my mind: Zinnia and Susan.

Zinnia answered, “Nakaka-relate ako sa number 6. Eto parang patis… andaming gustong makisawsaw… Noon pa man, may nakekealam, may nag-sa suggest at kung ano ano pa.”

Susan didn’t choose one because she has her own entry: “Eto, candidate for 30 year old virgin.”

facebook-20131017-084447 facebook-20131017-084521

Zinnia is now currently vacationing in the Philippines with HER husband and almost 2 year old son, while Susan just celebrated her one year anniversary with HER husband, Anthony.

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Say “Para…”

Susan found this…

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Suelad Bar

During my birthday party, while Susan was getting her food, I told her, “Sue, may salad dito sa gilid oh… Kung nagda-diet ka lang naman.”
She was between the Chicharong Chicken Skin and the Spicy Spareribs, caught off-guard, she screamed! “Hindi ako nag-da-diet! Bwisit!”

The Salad Bar

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Prettiest of Them All (in Dubai)

I asked Susan, “Ngayong may boyfriend ka na, kamusta na ‘yung isang nangungulit sa’yo dati?”
“Wala na s’ya. Alam na n’ya kasing hindi na pwede.”
“Ahhh, atleast alam na n’ya.”
“Meron pa ngang ibang gustong manligaw eh,” she added.
“Aba! Meron pa?” I asked her, “Sa Pilipinas hindi ka nagka-boyfriend, pag dating sa Dubai, napakaganda mo!”
“Well, nabubulagan sila.”
“Baka may sandstorm sila sa mata?” I theorized.
“Baka may kulaba na sila sa mata.”


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Sir Gago (Lalaking Lady Gaga)

Gab, Jules and I used to play a game called GAGO GAME.

JulesIt started with a simple phone call from Julius, “Oh, Best, san ka na?”
“Malapit na ako sa bahay.”
“Pabili naman ng load sa grocery.”
“Sige,” I answered and immediately told him off, “Gago!” and dropped the phone.
Minutes later he called and just said, “GAGO!” and dropped the phone.

Every phone call thereafter will end with who will say, “Gago!” the fastest. Smart game indeed.

GabOne time, Gab went to Gold Souq with Ann and I was about to ask what jewelry item they bought but even before I could ask, Gab screamed, “GAGO!” and dropped the phone. I wanted to get even but Gab won that round. Everytime I called, he would scream, “GAGO!” and drop it.

I was determined. Gusto kong rumesbak.

BingI even called Bing and asked her, “Kunyari ako si Ate Saffiya tapos ipapasa mo yung phone sa kanya tapos sisigaw lang ako ng Gago.”
Bing agreed and she acted naturally, “Hello? Ate? Oo. Si Gab? Teka eto oh.”
After Bing transferred the phone to Gab, Gab screamed, “GAGO!”
Can’t fool this guy.

ZinniaThe only way to get even was to use another number. I asked my batallion: Susan, Che-che and Zinnia and told them, “Tawagan n’yo lang tong number na to kasi gaganti ako sa GAGO game namin.” I went on to explain the mechanics of the game. “Huwag na kayo magpakilala basta tatawagan n’yo lang ‘yung number n’ya, sisigaw kayo ng gago tapos ibabagsak n’yo na ‘yung phone.”

That afternoon, one confused Gab received different phone calls from different people screaming, “GAGO!”

SueHe even gave Susan a return call, “Hello? Sino to?”
“Ay, classmate ako ni Orlee nung college, napag-utusan lang.”
“Ah, ok.”

CheHeidChe called me after the prank call, “Orlee, kahit UP graduate ako hindi ko pala kaya yung pinapagawa mo. Kinakabahan ako. Si Hydee ang pinatawag ko. Tawa kami ng tawa dito sa office.”

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Enjoy: Yes I Will

Chatting with my Dubai friend, I told Susan, “Oh sige na. Nasasayang ang Pilipinas,” for we could talk about Dubai when I get back.
“Hehehe. Adik!” she replied, “Sige na nga. Enjoy!”

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