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Smoker’s Cough

During our Eid Trip to Jumeirah Beach, I asked Chastine, “Nag-s-smoke ka?”
“Hindi na,” she answered.
“Good for you! What made you stop?”
“Nagkaroon ako ng accute bronchitis.”
“Ano ‘yun?” I followed up. By this time, Jade, Gab, MJ, Antonette, Ann and Jules were all ears. All of them smokers.
“Magkakaroon na ako ng smoker’s cough,” Chastine answered.
“Ano ‘yun?”
“Uubo ka na lang bigla kasi ‘yung phlem mo ‘di mo na kontrolado. Out of nowhere uubo ka na lang.”

“Ayan!” I screamed, “”Yan na nga ba’ng sinasabi ko! Look at your future…” pointed to Chastine then I faked a cough while telling all of my smoker friends.
“Good!” Gab commented, “Wag ka naman manakot!”
“Mas masama kaya ang second-hand smoke!” Someone commented.
I insisted, “Ang saya ‘di ba? Wala lang… Bigla ka nalang uubo… Habang buhay.”

Smoker's Party

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Sir Gago (Lalaking Lady Gaga)

Gab, Jules and I used to play a game called GAGO GAME.

JulesIt started with a simple phone call from Julius, “Oh, Best, san ka na?”
“Malapit na ako sa bahay.”
“Pabili naman ng load sa grocery.”
“Sige,” I answered and immediately told him off, “Gago!” and dropped the phone.
Minutes later he called and just said, “GAGO!” and dropped the phone.

Every phone call thereafter will end with who will say, “Gago!” the fastest. Smart game indeed.

GabOne time, Gab went to Gold Souq with Ann and I was about to ask what jewelry item they bought but even before I could ask, Gab screamed, “GAGO!” and dropped the phone. I wanted to get even but Gab won that round. Everytime I called, he would scream, “GAGO!” and drop it.

I was determined. Gusto kong rumesbak.

BingI even called Bing and asked her, “Kunyari ako si Ate Saffiya tapos ipapasa mo yung phone sa kanya tapos sisigaw lang ako ng Gago.”
Bing agreed and she acted naturally, “Hello? Ate? Oo. Si Gab? Teka eto oh.”
After Bing transferred the phone to Gab, Gab screamed, “GAGO!”
Can’t fool this guy.

ZinniaThe only way to get even was to use another number. I asked my batallion: Susan, Che-che and Zinnia and told them, “Tawagan n’yo lang tong number na to kasi gaganti ako sa GAGO game namin.” I went on to explain the mechanics of the game. “Huwag na kayo magpakilala basta tatawagan n’yo lang ‘yung number n’ya, sisigaw kayo ng gago tapos ibabagsak n’yo na ‘yung phone.”

That afternoon, one confused Gab received different phone calls from different people screaming, “GAGO!”

SueHe even gave Susan a return call, “Hello? Sino to?”
“Ay, classmate ako ni Orlee nung college, napag-utusan lang.”
“Ah, ok.”

CheHeidChe called me after the prank call, “Orlee, kahit UP graduate ako hindi ko pala kaya yung pinapagawa mo. Kinakabahan ako. Si Hydee ang pinatawag ko. Tawa kami ng tawa dito sa office.”

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Birthday Gift

GabdayI told Gab, “Di kita naregaluhan nung Birthday mo!” I was in the Philippines when he celebrated his 29th Birthday.
“Ok lang ‘yun,” he answered.
“Hindi!” I screamed, “Hindi okay yun! Dapat pag-BIRTHDAY nireregaluhan! KAPAG BIRTHDAY DAPAT MAY REGALO.”
Bing commented, “Palibhasa malapit na birthday mo!”

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Nuno sa Dubai

Because everyone leaves their leftovers on the table, a new sign was posted on the kitchen wall.

Dubai Sign

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Good Chat

I was chatting with my Good Friend, Gab:

Gab: Kamusta Pinas?
Lee: Di ko maenjoy ng todo. Naiiyak na ako knowing na may ending ang lahat. Panandaliang aliw kumbaga.
Gab: Haha!
Lee: Pwede bang wag na bumalik sa Dubai (?) Pwede ba yun? Sarap maging senyorito.
Gab: Sira ulo.
Lee: Magwewelga ako sa Malacanang.
Gab: Bakit naman?
Lee: Bakit kailangang mangibang bansa pa ng mga Pinoy.

coffee prince


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The Gum Incident

While waiting for Wowowee in Dubai (waiting meant 3 hours standing in the field in Dubai Festival City at the sun’s highest point), my flatmates and I got tired and exhausted. No food and water was allowed inside the venue while people of all ages, nationalities and odor were cramped in the big venue. It’s a stampede waiting to happen.

Lycel and Bing lied down on the concrete floor to hide from direct sunlight by the shadows cast by me, Gab and Jules.

Gab was chewing gum at that time and ofcourse to kill the time, we goofed around. While goofing around, his gum accidentally fell from his mouth and landed on Lycel! On Lycel’s crotch area! He was so embarrassed that he almost picked up the gum.

“Ay shit! Sorry!” Gab screamed while almost acting on picking it up.

I stopped him, “Gab! Huwag!” because I was embarassed for the almost crotch action.

Lycel, on the other hand, realized the gum on her ‘pants’ and was disgusted by it. She can’t do anything about it because of Gab’s saliva all over the gum.

We were all laughing hard at the thought of it, when Lycel stood up and made the gum fall off.

Dubai Wowowee

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Gabby’s Words of Wisdom

We were flagging down taxis last night in (Dubai, Rain? Dubai? Yes!) We just finished our shisha sessions in Abra (along Dubai Creek) and decided to go home. It was really hard. The taxis were choosing passengers. We were really soaked and really wanted to go home.

So after the taxis zoom off, Gab would scream, “Put#$%&mo!”

I calmly asked him, “Pare, ano mapapala mo kung murahin mo s’ya ng tagalog?”

He explained, “Wala lang, gusto ko lang. Para mailabas ko lang yung inis ko.”

After 3 more taxis, I joined him and screamed, “P&^%$mo!” while laughing with Gab.


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