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Lumayas Kayo Dito!

37019_557988107587185_1602588071_n“Tsk!” Tem screamed, “Hay nakakainis!”
“Mommy, bakit?” Miguel asked.
“Nakakainis ang lolo mo. Kakagaling lang sa sakit may bisita na para mag-inuman,” she told her son.
“Ah ganun ba?” Miggy concluded, “Sige, Mommy, dyan ka lang ha?”

Miggy went to his Lolo and his friends and screamed, “Hoy! Lumayas kayo dito!!! Kakagaling lang sa sakit ng Lolo ko!”
“Miguel!” Lolo screamed embarrassed, “Magaling na ako! Dun ka sa loob ng bahay!”

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Pambugaw ng Multo TV

tcl-iron-man-3-upward-bound-house-1“Bibili ako ng TV,” I told my Dubai friends.
“Maganda yung Smart TV,” they told me.
“Yung mura lang. Kahit LCD / LED.”
“Bakit ganun lang?”
“Pambugaw lang naman ng multo,” I told them.

Weeks before (over the phone):

Nanay: Choy, bili ka ng tv.
Me: Madami na hong tv sa bahay di ba?
Nanay: Papalitan ko na yung tv sa taas. Di kasi gumagana.
Me: Kailangan ho ba ng tv dun?
Nanay: Oo, may multo kasi sa taas ng bahay. Pag may tv mapipilitan ang mga bata mag-stay sa taas. Kaya aalis ang multo.

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Tweet of the Week: Expensive Swimsuit

Saw this yesterday morning:

“Bibili ka ng mahal na swimsuit, iihian mo lang naman. – wise words from my Tita (Mimi).”


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Divine Dubai

Jade was trying to show off his Candy Crush Saga moves while attaching his laptop on the tv.
Mitch, a neophyte to this game, misheard the word DIVINE. See the first 10 seconds of the video below. It’s funny.

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New Phone’s Feature

I might be a Blackberry loyalist but when it comes to new technology, I welcome them with arms wide open. Unfortunately for Samsung’s Smart Scroll, I was not able to contain myself (see last few seconds of the video below):

“Guys, your fingers are JUST THERE holding the phone!” Haha!

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Driving Exam

“Did I pass?” My driving co-examinee asked. We have just finished the driver’s ed exam… about to get our license.
Before I even answered, I asked back, “How about me? I think I failed. He told me to change lanes carefully next time.”
“No. He told you to take care which means you have passed,” he told me.
“How about me? Do you think I passed?” he asked again.
“No,” I told him, “You didn’t fully stopped on the pedestrian lane.”
He doubted himself and thought for a moment. A few seconds later he told me, “There were no pedestrians, so that’s allowed.”

Ending: We both passed!


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American Eagle Sale

“Rollie, ganda ng tshirt ko oh. Nabili ko naka-sale!” showing this shirt.

American Eagle

“Talaga? Saan?” he asked.
“Ay sa BENCH.”

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