An anonymous phonecall flashed on my celphone. The country code was 008 so it was either Ate Pam or Ate Mimi. It came as a surprise because as far as I can remember, they would rather save their phonecards to call their daughters in the Philippines.

“Moshi-moshi!” I hello-ed.

“‘Choy! Kamusta?” it was Ate Pam.

“Ate! Ok naman ako dito. Medyo nakaka-settle na rin,” I answered, “Buti nakatawag ka! Himala! New number mo?”

“Saglit lang ‘to,” she whispered, “sa kaibigan ko ‘to…”

“Nyek! Akala ko naman…”

“Shet! Nakatingin! O sige na! O sige na! Nakasimangot yung kaibigan ko, nakita ako. Bye! Love you! Bye!” then it was cut off.


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