Toilet Humor

Just when I was about to go to sleep, a loud knock on my door plus a deafening scream, “KUYA! TOILET SEAT!”


I thought only married couples encounter this problem but I guess it can be added on the family feud list. It’s the same thing everyday. I put the toilet seat up and she puts it down. My sister kept all of her anger inside but she boiled up one night screaming at my door. Me being the cool dude that I am simply replied, “ok.”


The next night while watching TV together, I suddenly screamed in the middle of the commercial break, “YUNG TOILET SEAT! ITAAS MO PAGKA GAMIT MO!” Then she jokingly punched me and said “IKAW! NAKAKAINIS KA NA! MAJORITY KAMI DITO SA CR SA TAAS! LIMA KAMING BABAE, ISA KA LANG!” I immediately fought back, “SENIORITY DITO! NAUNA AKONG PINANGANAK!” Angered by my great wit, she screamed, “TUMIGIL KA! NAKABABA TALAGA YUN PALAGI, PAGKAGAMIT MO IBABA MO!” By this time our audience (the kids and their yaya) are having a good laugh. I said, “BINILI NATIN YUNG INODORO NAKATAAS ANG TOILET SEAT!” Nice one Orlee, then I added, “SAKA PAG NILINIS NI ATE MILA (maid) YUN, NAKATAAS YUN! PINAPATULO NYA PARA MATUYO!” she smiled a little and screamed “HINDI PO! PAG NILINIS NI ATE MILA YUN, BINABABA NYA ANG INDORO PARA PUNASAN.” Nasty words were exchanged and eventually the winner was declared.


After the ‘big fight’ over the toilet seat, the loser should see to it to put back the toilet seat to its previous position after use. I see to it that I always put it down after I pee.


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