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Canon in D by Joy

10155466_10204136751635696_4660285674117827775_nJoy, our choir’s Musical Director, was asked to be one of the principal sponsors for Rollie and Len’s wedding.
She and Erwin was supposed to walk while the song Canon in D is being played. Since she will be marching during that time, I jokingly told her, “Paano gun? Bitbit mo organ habang nagmamartsa ka? Na tumutugtog?”
She got the joke and answered, “Hindi! Si Erwin may bitbit habang naglalakad kami.”

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Wedding Gift for Rollie

1962647_10203289586468712_3555071064743711288_nWith all the expenses of the wedding, it was very unfortunate that his car’s wheels got flat days before the wedding.
“Ano ginawa mo?” Atong asked.
“Inandar ko pa rin hangang gasolinahan. Buti na lang malapit na.”
“Ganito na lang, Rollie,” I pitched an idea, “Gusto mo regalo namin sayo sa wedding gulong na lang ng kotse? Di na naman ira-wrap kasi malaki yun. Apat na gulong lagyan namin ng ribbon.”
“Ewan ko sayo!”

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Remain Unmarried for Bing

Bing, Mitch and I attended MJ’s wedding some weeks ago. MJ was a former flatmate and we have witness this momentous event in his life.

During the couple’s first dance as husband and wife, Bing told us, while drying her slightly moist eyes, “Pag kayo, Orlee, Mitch, kinasal… Iiyak ako.”
“O sige,” I told her, “Ayoko nakikita ka umiyak. Hindi na lang kami magpapakasal.”
“WAG GANUN!” Bing answered.


Will remain unmarried for Bing.

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All About the Basses

Meghan_Trainor_-_All_About_That_Bass_(Official_Single_Cover)“Anong kanta yan?” Atong, my Bass-mate in my choir, asked the song that my iPod is playing.
“All About That Bass,” I answered.
“Bakit puro ganun — Badabeys badabeys…”


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Groom’s Good Man

10636110_10152571083492696_8451734964523017189_nRollie and Len are getting married!

Since we have a small family here in Dubai most probably we’ll all have roles in this wedding.
Rollie had to ask Ronald, “Nald, ikaw best man ko ha?”
“Di ako pwede kung Sabado ng hapon ‘yan,” he answered, “Kasi may pasok ako.”

“Atong, ikaw na lang bestman ko, wala si Ronald eh, the groom asked.
“Mas lalo akong di pwede. Lagi akong may pasok pag Sabado,” Atong answered.

“Orlee…” he asked me.
“Wow! Rollie! This is a very flattering request. I’m honored to be your first… second… third choice! I’ll be your Good Man!”

A few weeks after, Ronald advised that he can request to take that Saturday off.
“Orlee, ok na si Nald eh. Candle ka na lang ha?”

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Si Nanay The Pauwi

10525756_4380987020388_7403864505886714676_nWas updating my little sister on my condition lately. My tonsilitis got really bad that I had to take time off from work for 2 days.
“Kuya, ayaw raw gumaling ng sakit mo. Sabi ni nanay… umuwi ka na raw. lolz!”
I laughed.
“Sabi nga ni Tatay: Ikaw si pauwi. Dati bumaha lang sa Saudi pinapauwi mo na agad. Ngayon konting sakit lang. Hindi ganun lang yun.”


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Ruby’s Audition

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.54.41 PMWe are in full Audition Season in our choir this month. There were those who made it and some were part of the unlucky bunch. One particular passer struck me a chord because of her witty remarks on her audition.
Joy, our musical director asked her, “Ok, among kakantahin mo sa amin, Ruby?”
“We Are One po, yung Alto part,” she shyly said.
“We Are One?” Joy asked. Then somebody sung, “This song is hard to sing…”
“Ay! Wag na lang po yan kase alam n’yo po…” we laughed hysterically, “Kasi baka malaman nyo po yung mga mali…”
We laughed again.
“Sige ano na lang?” Joy asked.
“Gaya na lang po ng kay kuya (referring to the early auditioner).”
“Ano yun?”
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” she answered.
“ALAM DIN NAMIN YAN!” we all screamed while laughing.


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