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My Wife the Kidnapper

After Marclee’s Gap Kids’ Fashion Show in City Centre Mirdif. Mitch, Ronald, Ate Weng and I went shoe hunting for Sab. Ronald waited outside a certain shoe brand with Sab (in the stroller) and Marclee.

Inside the store, Mitch noticed that the shoe She earlier checked is not on sale anymore.

I told her, “Sige next time na lang.”

“Ok,” She replied grabbing a stroller, attempting to come outside the store, “Tara!”

I told her, “Hon, di mo anak yan!”

She looked, realized her mistake, returned the baby and apologized to the parent who was just watching all of this unfold. He just smiled as his little baby was oblivious to all of this.

Ate Weng, Mitch and I were laughing at how this happened.

“Alam mo yung akala mo may dala kang stroller tapos hindi pala atin.”

“Hay sana naivideo ko.” I told my wife.

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