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Akala Ko Buntis

Metro PicA friend of mine had an interesting BBM Status:
“Akala ko preggy hindi pala, nakakahiya!”
I had to squeeze out the story.

“Nasa metro kasi ako siksikan. Nakita ko si Kabayang Babae, naawa ako.”
“Sabi ko sa Mama, ‘Kuya, paupuin ko naman s’ya oh. Buntis pa naman nakatayo.'”
“Ang sama talaga ng tingin n’ya… umupo naman.”

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WeChat Richie

UnknownAte Richie and I were chatting on WeChat the other day…



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Lola Basha

imagesFermel told me via BBM, “O, I stumbled upon your blog today and saw the name of Basha.”
I learned which post he was referring to.
“Naisip mo ba,” he told me, “Na pag luma na sya.. Lola Bashang na name n’ya.”
“Hahaha! Oo nga.”

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Her Seat Belt

images“Hon! Nalimutan ko pala mag-seatbelt,” Mitch told me. This was after our short trip from Rigga to Dubai Festival City.
“Hala!” I uttered, “Ma-pe-penalty ako nyan.”
“Akala ko naman concerned ka sa safety ko,” she told me.
“Ay… Oo naman, hon…. Yun din… Safety mo.”

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TBT #5: Use It!

Ponette just celebrated her 11th birthday last 20th September. Throwing back this blog entry from 2006.

GoinbulilitLogoMy nieces and I were fooling around this morning. We played the GOING BULILIT use the word in a sentence and I initiated that we use their names.
I asked them, “Use Aki in a sentence.”
They all said, “USE IT!” like the kids in the TV show said it.
I sang the Itchy Worms song, “Aki ka na lang!” and Akemi immediately sings with me in the background and answered, “Aki ka na lang…”
I then asked them to, “Use Ponette in a sentence,”
They all said, “USE IT!”
I sang a tuneless song of “Ponette, ponette ponette.”
Ponette was not happy with this said, “Tito! Hindi ‘yan! Yung kay Beyonce,” and she sang “… Check on me tonight.”I immediately picked my brains up and realized she was right. She was singing a tune on the Pink Panther soundtrack CHECK ON IT:

Ooo boy you looking like you like what you see Won’t you come over and check up on it (A-PONETTE) I’ma let you work up on it (A-PONETTE) Ladies let him check up on it (A-PONETTE) Watch it while he check up on it (A-PONETTE) Dip it, pop it, twirk it, stop it Check on me tonight

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Reaction To Basha’s First Chip

If you heard someone scream, “Nooooooooo!!!!!!” last night around Satwa area… you are now informed that it was me. I was kneeling in front of my car crying just outside Chowking
I just learned that Basha had her first scratch after Atong inspected the whole Sportage.
My life has no purpose now.



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Future Talk

skype-iphone-germanyA colleague has a long distance boyfriend and chats regularly on Skype. The boyfriend lives in Germany.
“Ano pinag-uusapan nyo?” we asked her. 
“Mga future na usapan. Ganun,” she answered.
“Mga robot? Mga lumilipad na kotse?” I asked. 
“Natawa naman ako dun, Orlee,” Z answered.

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