01 Oct

Being the Finance Head of our group, it is my duty to remind choir members of their membership fee dues.

I reminded Arn, one of our colorful tenors, his outstanding balance, “Sige pag nagbayad ka may kiss ka sa akin.”

He immediately offered his cheek, pressed it against my lips and paid Ella, “Eto Ella ang bayad ko.”

Wawee, one of the basses screamed, “Magbabayad ako!”

“O sige,” I answered, “Bigay mo kay Ella yung bayad. Thank you.”

Rico asked Ella, “Pwede ba yung nagbayad na magbayad ulit?”

People were already laughing hysterically then Japee pointed out the obvious, “Si Mitch 3 years ang binayaran o tignan nyo buntis!”

Finally Arn commented, “Kahit paid na ako, magbabayad ulit ako! For one year pero… hindi na kiss lang.”

Me and the 3 years advanced payer. 

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One response to “Bayaran

  1. Doctor Eamer

    October 1, 2016 at 1:41 PM

    Nakakatuwa. Haha


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