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Old Clothes Drive

154243_10150359238665457_8242597_nJade was passing thru my room when he heard, “No! Ayoko!”
He stopped and looked around, it was just me, “Ano nangyayari?”
“Ang hirap mamili ng lumang damit na ipamimigay,” our choir had a drive to give out old clothes.
“Sino kausap mo?”
“Mga damit ko.”

Orlee and Rollie“Orlee, alam mo yung feeling na may makikita kang lumang damit tapos isipin mo, ‘pwede pa to eh’.” Rollie shared.
“So anong ginawa mo? Di mo na lang binigay?” I asked Rollie.
“Oo. Yung tipong, ‘isusuot ko na lang, akin na lang.'”
“Selfish mode lang?”
“Oo!” he answered laughing.

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Call Me Maybe 2

Since, the first video was a hit. Jade requested, “Sana sa birthday ko gawin ulit natin.”

Various raw videos were shot and I was tasked to edit by combining it. Since I just learned how to use iMovie, I was still getting used to adjusting the voice, the audio and the clips.
Jade suggested, “Para di ka mahirapan. Basta hawak ko ang ulo ko saka ginagalaw ko, THIS IS CRAZY and lyrics dun.”
“Di nga!?” I answered mockingly, “Di ba CALL ME MAYBE?”
See Jade with our other friends during his birthday party…

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Pork and Beans

Jade, a non-eater of Pork seems to always accidentally eat pork when he was in the Philippines.
“Kung hindi chicharon, bacon bits or ham ang nakahalo sa pagkain!” he shared.
“Dati nga nagluto ate ni Marish ng pochero, sarap na sarap kami. Tapos nalasahan namin na parang may pork! Pork and beans pala ang hinalo sa pochero.”
“Sabi ng ate ko,” Marish shared, “May pork pala yang pork and beans!? Ang sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Kaya nga PORK and beans di ba?'”

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I don’t know what wind struck me today but I suddenly had an urge to download 90s music. Alanis Morisette, Aerosmith, Larusso, Pizzicato Five, etc.
When it was time to download Hanson’s famous 90s song, Marish, who was in my immediate area (within the first four beats of the song), said, “Shuhada! Mmmbop?”
“Alam!?” I screamed, “Alam na kung sino ang favorite ang Mmmbop.”
Jade, her husband, immediately came out from the kitchen and started singing the lyrics perfectly. After the song he said, “Favorite ko ‘yan.”
“Hindi naman halata!” I told him.


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Jade’s Big Favor

“Orlee, favor?” Jade called me in the office. It seemed urgent.
“Oh bait?” I asked.
“Ano… pwede ba… Pakikanta naman yung Someone Like You? Na-LSS kasi ako kaya lang di ko maaalala yung kanta.”
“Akala ko naman kung ano na! Kawawa ka naman… Na-LSS ka pero di  mo alam yung kanta,” I told him.
“Sige na kantahin mo na…” he begged.
“Never mind I’ll find someone like you… I wish nothing but the best for you….”
“Ah ok na. Salamat!”

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Ball Twice

Jade saw me off at the Atlantis Hotel for my Annual Insurance Ball, he asked, “Bakit may mga ganyan-ganyan pa kayoing ball-ball?” He heard himself and corrected, “Ay! Basta ganun! Mga party-party na genyan!”


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Face Block

It all started with Tem’s birthday…

For the wacky shot, I’ve decided to block Ronald’s face.

He got upset but moved on from there. It was supposed to be funny.

But for every event that followed suit, people would do the same to each other (but most of the time to Ronald).

Jade’s Birthday Celebration

At Mamzar Beach Park

Surprising Jade on his real birthday

And to Jade…

UPDATE: Aileen provided me with a photo of previous photos of Ronald’s face being blocked.

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