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Circle of Life Lower

11822414_10206432478427431_1029797217636213623_nFermel and I share singing the solo parts of our choir’s rendition of Circle of Life.
Since he is back in the Philippines, I had to rehearse and try singing the full song alone — with the high parts.

During rehearsal yesterday, I was still able to hit the high notes.
The choir erupted in cheers.

After two more hours and on a different venue (we had to transfer from the church to The Fridge warehouse for our rehearsal) I cannot reach it anymore and my tones was stuck flat.
I was holding a microphone singing in front of the stage when Joy screamed, “Orlee, sa part ni Fermel ibaba mo lang.”
I was kinda nervous and had a sigh of relief when Joy said this, “Hay salamat. Octave lower,” I told myself

When I sang his part (octave lower) Joy screamed, “Yung mic lang ibaba mo. Hindi tono.”

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Share Tea Videoke

Last Friday, our group was requested to sing on a Christian event at the Sheikh Hamdan Centre along Emirates Road. Since the place is far from the city centre, the organizers had to arrange a vehicle pick up which unfortunately took 3 hours as their initial vehicle booking failed.

This meant more time for the group to stay where we had to converge: At Share Tea Shop inside the Burjuman Metro Station. It was your typical tea shop with a few tables and to our fancy, a TV for the customers to look at while waiting. What was playing were your classic ballads with lyrics. Some of the members were already singing along.

A few more minutes and some of the guys were already belting on the top of their lungs. Some of the late members were already saying, “Huy guys! Ang ingay nyo. Dinig kayo sa metro sa baba!”
People passing by were already looking at us.

While the guys were singing along with Whitney Houston, I ordered a cup of tea. I told the service lady, “Miss ayus tong videokehan nyo ha.”
“Sir, pine-play ko lang po yan. Hindi po yan dapat sinasabayan,” she answered.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 8.34.50 PM

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Lexus Prize

382183_300721936615367_319763021_nSt Mary’s Church have an annual car raffle.
Janice said, “Mananalo ako ng Lexus. Nararamdaman ko talaga!” chanelling all the fates.
“Hindi ka mananalo ng Lexus,” Atong negated the energies.
“Huwag kang ganyan! Mananalo ako,” she refused to lose.
“Hindi ka nga mananalo Lexus kasi Jaguar ang prize,” Atong told her.

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OC Music Cake


“I can’t eat this!” Kuya Pat, my Philippine Choir Conductor, “Kulang ng isang line.”

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Wawee’s Sample Interview

1964932_10204433165821850_185921509932004160_nLast night, the Basses decided to take advantage of the local holiday and drank our body weights. JD’s and Absolute was served and we all were satisfied.

One topic from last night’s bonding was Wawee’s pending job. Since Bhenny was working as an HR for a local company, I asked him, “Ayan Wawee, bakit di ka mag-apply kina Bhenny?”
They all screamed, “Sample interview!”
Bhenny could not think of a question so I asked, “Wawee, if you will suddenly vanish from the face of the earth, why not now?”
We all laughed.

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Canon in D by Joy

10155466_10204136751635696_4660285674117827775_nJoy, our choir’s Musical Director, was asked to be one of the principal sponsors for Rollie and Len’s wedding.
She and Erwin was supposed to walk while the song Canon in D is being played. Since she will be marching during that time, I jokingly told her, “Paano gun? Bitbit mo organ habang nagmamartsa ka? Na tumutugtog?”
She got the joke and answered, “Hindi! Si Erwin may bitbit habang naglalakad kami.”

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Ruby’s Audition

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.54.41 PMWe are in full Audition Season in our choir this month. There were those who made it and some were part of the unlucky bunch. One particular passer struck me a chord because of her witty remarks on her audition.
Joy, our musical director asked her, “Ok, among kakantahin mo sa amin, Ruby?”
“We Are One po, yung Alto part,” she shyly said.
“We Are One?” Joy asked. Then somebody sung, “This song is hard to sing…”
“Ay! Wag na lang po yan kase alam n’yo po…” we laughed hysterically, “Kasi baka malaman nyo po yung mga mali…”
We laughed again.
“Sige ano na lang?” Joy asked.
“Gaya na lang po ng kay kuya (referring to the early auditioner).”
“Ano yun?”
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” she answered.
“ALAM DIN NAMIN YAN!” we all screamed while laughing.


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