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Ewww Healthy

I posted this on Instagram last month,

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 1.14.27 PM

I’ve put honey instead of caramelized sugar on my soya curd, “TAHO WITH HONEY.”
To which Paula, said, “Ewww healthy.”

After committing to a healthy lifestyle, I had a hard time maintaining that in the Philippines during my 2 week vacation for the wedding.

I shopped for healthy options for me and them: Granola Bars, Honey for sweeteners, Nuts instead of chips and soya milk and fruit juices for soda.
I told Sam (while Tem was there), “Sam, eto mga healthy food ha.”
“Saaaam, eto masarap oh,” Tem answered, “chocolate, sembe, coke, potato chips… yum!”
Sam torn between her morals, “Tito, mas masarap offer ni Tita Tem.”

The devil won.

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We Want Lola

“Ayaw na namin sa’yo Tita Tem. Namimiss na namin si lola,” my nieces told my sister. Nanay is in Japan.
“Eh ‘di ba yan ang gusto n’yo, hindi kayo pinapakialaman,” My sister asked them.
“Hindi n’ya kami pinapabayaan. Ikaw eh wala kang pakialam sa amin,” they are now missing their grandmother.

Ang gulo nila, Kuya, nung nandito Lola nila naiinis sila pinapakain sila, ayaw pa nila kumain. Ngayon sila bahala kumain, namimiss naman nila ang Nanay.


Tita Tem and the nieces (Paula and Sam)

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Batang Api

Paula became the monster that scares Little Rafa. When Tem say, “Ate Pau! Ate Pau! Si Rafa oh!” the little toddler cries. Scared of his 18 year old cousin.

Tem posted this video on Facebook and it just broke my heart. My sister can be very evil. Ate Richie, from the US, even told my sister, “Tem, matatakot any bata. May psychological effect yan!”
To which my little sister promised not to do it again.

A few weeks later, Tem posted this photo: Miggy testing the waters. Mabait naman pala si Ate Paula. (he’s so cute)


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Paula and Kim

Talking to Paula about her future, I told her, “Paula, plan ahead. Think of your future. Do what you wanna do. Yung passion mo. Halimbawa yang make up make up mo na yan. Baka yan any gusto mo talaga gawi? Imbes na architecture.”
“No, Tito, architecture talaga,” she answered.
“Sabagay. Iba pa rin ang hobby sa work,” I told her. “Naisip ko lang kasi si Kim Kardashian magaling mag-make up make up baka ganun din maging gusto mo paglaki mo. Pano nga ba nag-umpisa si Kim Kardashian?”
Paula laughed.


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Boracay Nice Shots

Since Paula had the good camera during our Boracay trip, I would tell my Dubai friends, “Smile lang tayo kay Paula.”
Paula will then realize that me and my group of friends are smiling creepily at her then she would just realize, “Aaaahhhh!” and take the shots.

It was worth it… smiling… creepily.




Let’s Make Nanay Cry

10007040_10152722079504325_379220612613129510_nPaula, my niece, joined me in my Boracay trip with my Dubai friends.
We had a really good Tito-Pamangkin Bonding Time. We even sat side-by-side on the plane going back to NAIA and talked about her future plans.
It was a memorable trip for both of us.

The day after our trip, we ate at Savory at The District Imus with the whole family (or whoever was left). After that lunch event, “Tito, pupunta ako sa Makati with my friends.”
Nanay, the cry baby of our family,  was listening.
“Ok. See you later. Flight ko na bukas kaya see you later,” I told her.
“Tito, tomorrow na ako uuwi. 9AM,” She answered. My flight was 8:30 AM.
“Hala!” I answered, “Pau, gusto mo paiyakin nation Lola mo?”
“Sige! Tito!”

Nanay was looking at us… and we upped the game.
“Bye Pau!” I told her as if crying.
“Bye Titow!” she hugged me.
“See you next year,” I told her.

Nanay looked at us… and cried!


Evil son and granddaughter.

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Platypus Face Is the New Duck Face

Was stalking my niece’s Tumblr page when I saw this picture…

WTF is this face


I then, tweeted her, WTF is this picture?

She then replied:



So, to the person asking my niece if I know whether my niece is famous (I was fine with just alive) in the interwebz, yes… we stalk her.

Do Your Parents

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