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Exotic Beauty

Joy boasted, “Orlee! Dalawa na ang suitor ko, isang Amerikano at ngayon isang French.”
I told her, “Wow! Ang hilig talaga ng foreigner sa exotic beauty.”
“Excuse me,” she answered, “Di ako exotic beauty, MAGANDA ako.”


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Airport Drama

Lourdes flew home last Thursday. She took her annual leave for one month.

She packed her bags but I wondered and asked, “Bakit parang pang mahirap ang maleta mo?” because of the worn bag and the name on the packing tape. (Typical pinoy luggage)

“Para walang red tape sa NAIA!” she answered, “ang drama ko eh kunyari nawalan ako ng trabaho sa Dubai, para naman makunsyensya sila para di nila kunin yung mga padala n’yo.”



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500th Funny Side!

As an homage to my previous blog, I’d still consider them in my blog posts.

Yes! This is my 500th blog post! Wow! That’s many. I know, not all are really that funny that’s why I always see to it that I round up and bring together the 10 funniest. If you wanna see my previous compilations, click here.

Top 10 Funniest of the past 100 posts:

10. Mrs. Vitor

9. Allow Us to Be Prank

8. Practical Applications of Accounting

7. The Memorandum

6. Ramadan Kareem

5. Padala

4. Dubai Winter

3. Perpetual Smile

2. Let’s Go!

1. Duboi’s First Month

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Nanay’s Birthday

Last 26th March was Nanay’s 54th Birthday. Ofcourse, long distance call:

“Hello, nay, ano handa n’yo?” I asked.

“Pansit lang,” she answered, “kakain sana kami sa labas eh, kaya lang…” and then she left it there.

I knew what she meant so I screamed, “Hooooo! Nanay ko! Andami n’yo kayang pera.”

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Bitter Sweet

It is sad that after my 498th post, my friendster blog dashboard just won’t pop up. I’ve always been thinking and preparing to move to wordpress (since I almost consumed my limit) and so the situation presented itself: I can’t access my blog!

From here on, you’ll see my titles but I’ll just link you to my new home…WordPress.

Zinnia: Bakit ka malungkot?

Orlee: Mapupuno na blog ko! 50MB!

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