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Same Dress

When Rollie and Len arrived for Mitch’s Birthday Dinner yesterday, they saw what they think they have wrapped for Mitch.
“Suot ni Mitch yung regalo natin,” Len told Rollie.
Rollie looked and found, “Ay! Oo nga.”

It was so funny that it was the same brand, color, design and size.


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Not A Party

The head of HR (a close friend of mine) just came back from her official trips to London and Johannesburg. She knew my birthday passed but she was out of the country.
I learned that she came back early Sunday morning after she smacked me in the head, “And when will I get to be invited in one of your parties???”
“What party?” I asked.
“Don’t act dumb on me I saw the pictures. We’re facebook friends… Remember?”
“Oh that one,” I realized and explained, “It’s not a party. It’s just dinner with a lot of people enjoying food and music.”
“Ummm yeah… A party.”

1235316_10201379719567602_406559808_nThe “Party”

1240075_10201379710087365_1879999464_nPatrick, Bing and Orlee

553575_10201379551403398_1626649602_nCake blowing.

531921_10201379538523076_834753852_n2013 Cast

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Stopover Plan

“Nay, pag tagal tagal pa ni Kuya sa Dubai, pwede tayo dumalaw dun kapag malamig,” Tem told our Nanay.
“Basta ayoko ng may stopover ha? Natatakot ako sa eroplano,” she answered.
“Stopover agad? Agad-agad!?” Tem answered.


Happy Birthday, Nay… I love you.

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2012 Birthday Greetings

Last week, I celebrated my 3rd 10th Birthday (do the math) and I was bombarded with a sea of HAPPY BIRTHDAYs on my Facebook Wall. It’s like a contest of who will post the most creative greeting.

Of course the 911 of 11 years ago will never be forgotten.



No greeting beats a picture of a cake. 🙂


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Marish’s 2012 Birthday

It’s Marish’s birthday! This time we just had a simple dinner prepared by the couple.
For our gift, Ronald, Atong, Bing and I shared a three-part gift:

A cake…

“Maligayang Kaarawan! Tiya Marisha!!!”

A Pandora charm…

And our favorite (The Epic DUBAI Tshirt)…

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Call Me Maybe 2

Since, the first video was a hit. Jade requested, “Sana sa birthday ko gawin ulit natin.”

Various raw videos were shot and I was tasked to edit by combining it. Since I just learned how to use iMovie, I was still getting used to adjusting the voice, the audio and the clips.
Jade suggested, “Para di ka mahirapan. Basta hawak ko ang ulo ko saka ginagalaw ko, THIS IS CRAZY and lyrics dun.”
“Di nga!?” I answered mockingly, “Di ba CALL ME MAYBE?”
See Jade with our other friends during his birthday party…

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Happy Non Birthday Day

Last September, I wanted to keep away from people flooding my wall with birthday greetings because it’s being prompted on their Facebook accounts so I decided to move my birthday 6 months back, 11th March.

Stupid me, as I have forgotten to change this, so my wall is NOW flooded not only by mistaken birthday greetings but hate mails from my close friends.
Light bulb lit and here are the collection of the crazy comments I received.

From Mico:

From Jamie:

From Mayette:

I’m really sorry, my dear friends.

I decided that you can flood my wall on my real birthday. Please still greet me. *begging position


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Caribbean Drinks and Aliens

During my birthday…

“Kuya, hindi tayo nakagawa ng Bull Frog dahil wala tayong Blue Curacao,” my sister, the bartender for my birthday, told me. She has pronounced the Caribbean country as KURAKAW. The drink, was apparently, in demand.
“Tem… Curacao (kyu-ra-saw),” I told her.
“Ay ganun ba ‘yun? Ok!” She answered.

After a few minutes,  she approached me, “Kuya, may bisita kang kagaya ko. Umorder ba naman ng Mojito (mo-jee-to). Natawa na lang ako sa loob ko. Baka ibigay ko sa kanya si Mojacko. Moja-moja.”

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White Party Photo Booth

To block the growing noise inside our flat because of the White Party, I have decided to sound proof our door. I have put my bed against our door.

Too bad!

Everyone saw this and since they were in so much mood to party, everyone gathered around it and mistook it for a photo booth!

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Hourly Group Pic

During birthdays, it’s nice to see group pictures and check who came and decided to celebrate with you on your special day.
Pat and I knew that our guests will come in batches so we have decided on an hourly Group Pic…

7 PM

8 PM

9 PM

10 PM

11 PM

12 MN

1 AM

2 AM


Like New Year’s Eve, everybody waited for the top of the hour and counting down the minutes so that we can finally hold a group picture.

“Kunyari pa kayong Group Pic everyhour! Gusto n’yo lang naman i-remind ang bisita n’yo na ‘HOY ALAS DOSE NA!'” My sister commented.
“Actually, gusto naming makita kung sino ang pinaka-matagal nag-stay. Pag naka-3 group pic ka ibig sabihin kanina ka pa nandito,” I answered.

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