Uninviting You in Advance 3

Hydee and Francis, my new friends in Dubai, are finally getting married and this time I understand why I am not invited: Unlike Aileen’s wedding.

Che-che, the acting wedding planner, told me, “Orlee, hindi ka invited sa wedding. Ok lang ‘yun ha!?”

Ofcourse it was just ok but I can’t help myself not to joke about it.

One time, they’ve put me on speaker phone as I was talking to everyone in their office (Che-che and Hydee are officemates) while the bride to be was not there, “Ha!? Bakit hindi ako invited!? Tapos lahat kayo d’yan sa office invited?”

Then when Hydee arrived, Che-che asked me, “Orlee, ulitin mo nga yung sinasabi mo kanina…”

“Uhmm… Hydee, congrats nga pala sa wedding n’yo… Too bad hindi ako makakapunta kasi may prior engagement na ako. Congrats na lang, ha?”

They all screamed, “Orlee, hindi ‘yan ang sinasabi mo kanina!”


Yesterday, I asked Che-che what she did last weekend, she answered, “Nag-punta akong Ikea, bumili ako ng wineglass pang-giveaway sa kasal nina Hydee at Francis.”

Another joke popped in my mind, “Ah ganun ba? ‘Yun naman ang importante eh… Kahit ‘di na ako makapunta sa kasal ni Hyds.. basta… may mga giveaway lang kayo.”

Che-che laughed and answered, “Sige, sasabihin ko ‘yan kay Hydee mamaya.”


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