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Dictation Function of OSX Mountain Lion

We were trying to book our hotel reservations for our European tour and we needed to encode “PARIS” in the destination city in one hotel website.
Instead of typing P-A-R-I-S, I have used the new OSX Mountain Lion feature: Dictation (A Siri-like program). I pressed fn thrice and the option to speak popped up. I told my computer, “PARIS”.

I was expecting a “Wow! Hightech!” comment from Ness, Patrick and Anj but their comment was, “ANG TAMAD!”
Oh! Technology! You’ve have become passé!

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Tito and His Gadgets

“Miggy, aalis na si Tito. Babalik na ako sa Dubai,” I told my little nephew.
“Tito… Dadalhin mo ang iPad?”
“Eh yung iPod na may monkey,” he meant the iPod Touch with the Temple Run app.
“Yung laptop na may Angry Birds movie,”  he meant the youtube videos with the Angry Birds’ movie parodies. He watch these using my laptop.
“Yes din,” I answered.
He disappointedly screamed, “Naaay!”


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Farewell Alpha Nerd: Steve Jobs

Ness woke up to the sad news that bombarded cyberspace yesterday morning, “Steve Jobs is dead.”

Anj told her this even after she already read the tweets first thing she opened her eyes, “Patay na si Steve Jobs.”
“Oo nga,” she answered not knowing who this STEVE JOBS was.

On her way to work she thought to herself, “Saan kayng bansa presidente si Steve Jobs? Leader kasi nakalagay sa mga tweets.”  We laughed so hard but deep inside, I felt the sadness. #iSad… He was somehow a hero for me. An alpha nerd as you may put it.

I’ve summarized below the links about all things Apple on my blog for Steve…

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Anj, When?

Showing all our Macbook’s to Anj, including Atong’s new MacBook Pro, I asked her, “Ikaw, Anj? Kelan?”
“Ha?” Anj asked, “Alin? Bibili? Mag-aasawa?”
“Mag-aasawa? San galing ‘yun?”

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Niece Prize

Sam, Paula! Tignan n’yo laptop ni Tito oh!” I told my nieces over Skype. I’m so proud of my MacbookPro.
“Ayaw namin, Tito,” they dodged, “Maiinggit lang kami.”
“Sabi ko naman kasi sa inyo ma-honor lang kayo, bibilhan ko kayo ng kahit ano! iPhone, iPad, you name it!”
“Kahit anong honor, Tito?”
I’m smarter than my nieces and told them, “Academic lang no? Automatic naman kayong loyalty awardees! Saka baka naman Best in Friendship lang kayo. Kailangan may level sa school!”
“Ang hirap naman.”


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Loving Mac

I am planning to buy a Macbook Pro but I am still in doubt if it’s the best computer in the market. I just want one because of its aesthetic value.
I read the specs online but I needed first hand review from a user: I knew my former colleague and good friend, Eh-eh, bought one months ago.
“So… is it good?” I asked her in a chat.
“Tell me you love it.”
“Love talaga? It’s nice. Di ka madidissapoint,” she answered.
“Should I buy one?” I asked.
“Oo naman!”
“I want you to tell me that you love it?”
“Talagang kailangang love? Wait… Yes. I love it.”
“Ok,” I answered.
“Infairness, I never declared love to anyone before, let alone a laptop computer…”


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