Kumain Ka Na Ba?

Hungry, Ate Richie asked Ate Mimi (her younger sister), “Mi, kumain ka na ba?”

They were not facing each other, Ate Richie was handwashing her clothes and so was Ate Mimi.

Without any reply, ate Richie asked again, “Mi, kumain ka na ba?”

Still without an answer from Mimi, Ate Richie got irritated, punched Ate Mimi in the arms and screamed at her ear, “MIMI, KUMAIN KA NA BA?”

Finally she answered, “Oo nga!”

“Eh, wala ka na bang sinasagot ah?”

Ate Mimi finally tells Ate Richie, “Sabi ng kilay ko ganito oh!” while demonstrating an up and down movement of her eyebrows.

“Eh kita ko ba yon?!?!?”


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