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Good Friday Travels

“Ha!? Biyernes Santo ka lilipad?” Mico screamed back when I told him about my flight details.
“Oo. Di ba masama magbyahe nun?” I replied quoting the old beliefs not to travel on Good Friday.
“Ok lang. Muslim country naman ang pupuntahan mo, di na sila sakop ng mga Katolikong paniniwala,” Mico assured.
“Actually eroplano palang… Brunei Air.”

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Happy Non Birthday Day

Last September, I wanted to keep away from people flooding my wall with birthday greetings because it’s being prompted on their Facebook accounts so I decided to move my birthday 6 months back, 11th March.

Stupid me, as I have forgotten to change this, so my wall is NOW flooded not only by mistaken birthday greetings but hate mails from my close friends.
Light bulb lit and here are the collection of the crazy comments I received.

From Mico:

From Jamie:

From Mayette:

I’m really sorry, my dear friends.

I decided that you can flood my wall on my real birthday. Please still greet me. *begging position


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Narnian Bathroom

Back in Hong Kong, we decided to check in a cheap hotel since we only need to stay there for a night ( and all day outside).
I told Mico, Annie and Me-an that I’ll go first in the bathroom.
Since it’s a cheap hotel, the bathroom ain’t that big. Actually, one can barely move inside. There’s a small sink, next to a bowl and a small space to stand in between (to take a shower).
Since shower is a privilege denied on a Dubai summer, I really enjoyed it. I sang my heart out and I’m sure they can hear me outside the bathroom.

After me, Mico followed suit. He was shocked at the space.
“Akala ko malaki!” he complained.
I laughed, he might have imagined I was jumping around inside.
“Pang-Narnia ‘yung CR,” comparing it to the wardrobe that has a whole world inside it.

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Friendship Watch

Annie told Me-an, Mico and me, “Mhe, bili naman tayo ng friendship watch,” while window shopping at a Swatch store in Old Town, Macau.
Seeing the price, Mico told us, “Pwede ‘di ko na lang kayo friends?”


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Background Matters

When I posted this picture (click photo to enlarge) on my facebook account <Partying in Macau> while we were still there, Mico asked, “Ang dami nating picture sa Bellini (Bar), talagang ang background n’yo eh ‘yang babaeng ‘yan. Kahit saan lugar pwedeng nangyari ‘yan.”
Annie and I looked closely, laughed and answered, “Oo nga no?”

The background says it all. I suddenly remembered when I posted this picture on my friendster account 2 years ago. and put the caption Hanging out with my new tropa…

Dudz reacted, “Ganyan pala ang gimik sa Dubai? Dingdong (mixed nuts)?”

So just to be clear that I really partied in Macau, let me direct you to the following photos:

Me and My Macau Beer

Mico’s Point of View

Annie and Me-an

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Ganyan Talaga Sila…

Having been to Japan and China, I now know that some couples from these countries like to dress-a-like: Same t-shirt prints, same color or same design.
So when we were in Disneyland Hongkong and saw a Chinese couple choosing a same designed shirt, I told my friends, “Ganyan talaga sila, gusto nila terno sila.”
The couple looked back at us, smiled and told us, “Yes, we’re Chinese,” in a fake Cantonese accent.
I blushed and immediately blurted, “Ay! Pinoy pala!?”
Mico whispered, “Kanina ko pa sila naririnig, Orlee, Ilonggo sila!”
I told the couple, “Sorry po, mukha kasi kayong Chinese.”
Mico immediately changed the topic, “Ilonggo kayo?”
I told Annie, “Tara na! Tara na!” while Mico was still talking to them – I was so embarrassed.

Lesson: Kahit saan may Pinoy.

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With a Twist

Mico told us, “Meron akong officemate na umabsent tapos nag-text sa boss namin, tawa ng tawa si sir, kaya pinakita n’ya sa amin ang text: Sir, I cannot go to the office today. I have fever with a twist of salmonella.”
“Talagang with a twist?” we asked him.
“Simula nuon laging WITH A TWIST na ang tawag namin sa kanya.”

The Twist

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Water to Juice

Since Me-an was anticipating our arrival at her place in Macau, she filled her fridge with the following liquids:

Half Gallon of Water

Juice in Tetra Packs

When Mico and Annie arrived in Me-An’s flat in Macau, she offered them, “Guys, ano? Juice o Tubig?” They were so tired from their 3 hours flight so Me-an wanted to quench their thirsts. (I was a day early in Macau)

Annie answered, “Juice ako.”
Since she offered, I also answered, “Juice din ako.”
When Me-an was about to go to the fridge, Mico answered, “Ako tubig.”
She told Mico, “Tubig ka? Ikaw na kumuha,” because it was heavy.
Since he was so tired, he immediately changed his answer, “Ay Juice pala ako! Juice! Juice ako!”

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