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CVC @ 7: Chinese Themed

Last year we celebrated the first 6 years of CVC with the epic CosPlay Party. To celebrate the 7th, Atong, Liza, Rollie, Kay, Ella, Ron and I were tasked by the Council to set up a Chinese New Year-themed party.

Last night was a success. Here’s a collection of the pictures from the event.

Running joke of the evening: Massage Parlor employees.

Fermel: Jed Madela Chinese look-a-like

Glenn Babasa: Laurice Guillien

Thei and Fermel: Stars of the evening… Rosebud and the Dragon

Special Awardee: Joy and Erwin: Couple of the Night… Lutong Macau!

Kuya Arnold received a jacket. Arn said, “Tamang-tama! Mag-sa-summer na.”

Game 3: Ponkan Peeling Contest. No hands!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  From CVC Year 7!

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Hanging Hangin

“Bakita kaya kanina malamig ngayon hindi na?” I asked Atong after gym.
“Baka kasi kanina kasalubong natin ang hangin ngayon kasabay na natin ang direksyon,” he answered.
“Napakabagal naman ng hangin na ‘yan.”

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Chinese vs Japanese Knowledge

Doubting his ability to speak any real Chinese, I asked Atong, “Siguro mas marami pa akong alam na Japanese word kesa sa alam mong Chinese word.”
We then asked Ronald to say common words and Atong will tell the Chinese translation while I, the Japanese translation.

Ronald said, “O sige, puno.”
Atong answered, “Pun-no.”
I answered, “Cherry blossom.”

Chinese, “Sup-pa-tos.”
Japanese, “Ot-to.”

“Make up!” Ronald asked us.
“Shisheido,” I answered because, “Mayberine” didn’t work.
Atong answered with, “Ly-na at Chin-chan-su.”

“Madadaya naman kayo eh!” Ronald screamed.

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Black Car, White Mask

We were walking towards the car from the mall when Ronald suddenly screamed, “Aaaarrggghhh!”
We thought he saw a friend and was happy to see him. Little did we know that it was not a scream of affection but of fear. He immediately pointed to a car, “Tignan n’yo oh!?”

“Ang weird n’ya!” Ronald screamed, “Bakit s’ya maglalagay ng ganun!?”
We were laughing our ass off because of his reaction.

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Sushi Conveyor

This video has a certain contagious effect. Made me smile all through out.

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It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Photo Bombing

It’s inevitable. I had to jump in.

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Paula’s Grad Pic

My niece posted her grad pic on her Facebook and was bombarded with comments.
“Pretty,” says one comment.
“Ganda,” says another.
My sister, Izumi’s mom, constantly comments, “Thanks,” “Thanks for liking guys,” and personally thanking those who liked.
“Ma? Ikaw si Izumi?” asked by Paula.

“Produkto n’ya,” I told my niece.


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Cooking for Two

“Di ko kayang magluto for two lang eh,” Ella shared.
“Ako rin,” I shared, “Di ko kaya magluto para sa dalawa lang.”
“Eh hindi ka naman talaga magluto eh!” they screamed.
“Kaya nga. Kahit for two or kahit pang-ilan pa. Di ko kaya.”



Sleep Talkin’ 12: Tambay sa Kanto

“Napanood mo na ba yung OFW version ng Tambay sa Kanto? Zzzzzzzzzz….”


Ronald immediately told me when I woke up, ” Ano yung tambay sa kanto? At talagang OFW version

“Di ko rin alam…”

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What Weekend?

I worked the whole day today. Saturdays are off days for us in the office but I found some three to four colleagues.
I started at 10 AM and when my colleagues decided to leave me at around 6 PM, I told them, “You’re going? Bye! Happy weekend!”
“What weekend?” they all asked.

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