Gossip Boy

Everybody was outside the house last Saturday so after hearing the sad news on TV, I went out and told them, “Nay, Ate, Patay na si Rudy Fernandez.”

“Ha??!?!” they chorused.

“Nasa TV Channel 7, kaninang umaga lang,” I answerd.

They all run inside the house, being the showbiz fanatics that they are, watched it on TV. Nanay was teary-eyed watching the wake and the interview with Lorna Tolentino.

I remained outside and read my book in the hammock.

After half an hour of reading I heard an argument over our backyard fence. I looked out and saw that our neighbors are screaming at each other for some reason.

I went inside and told Nanay, Ate Pam and Tem, “May nag-aaway sa kapitbahay.”

After 5 seconds everybody was standing on a monoblock chair looking over the wall.

Ate Pam told me, “Boy, dang-tsismoso mo. Kanina si Rudy Fernandez tapos ngayon yung kapitbahay.”

“Ako pa?” I answered, “eh kayo nga d’yan ang nakasilip sa bakod.”

During this conversation, nanay went down from her assigned mono block and said, “Ayoko n’yang sigawan lang. Gusto ko may duguan.”


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