Sleep Talkin’


I know that I’m a sleep talker. I talk when I sleep and a few of my famous lines were:



“Ala eh! Batangas!” – This was back in my DLSU-D Chorale days. I screamed this in the mid-year workshop of the group in San Juan, Batangas. Everybody woked up when I screamed, except of course me, and talked (and laughed) about it the next day.



“Aaaaaaaah!” – Heard during the US tour of Marian Choir. I woke up late and everybody checked who was screaming. It was me. Back to sleep.



“Como una promesa eres tu. Eres tu.” – My sister heard me speaking Spanish during one afternoon’s nap. I later explained to her that I was saying the words of a choral song.



“Hindi ah! Hindeh!” – Sagada Day 1 night. Boo heard that I was being sarcastic.



“Whoa! At least! Di ba?” – Arlyn and Jeff heard this on Sagada Day 2. I was somehow explaining my side of an argument but this was all they can recall. Arlyn answered, ‘Huy! At least – at least ka d’yan!’



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