Funny Bank Moment #5: Cosmetic Surgeon

Anna, one of your typical tellers, married with two kids, was approached by a client yesterday and suddenly cut in, “Ay! May asawa ka na pala.”


Quite surprised she asked, “Pano po ninyo nalaman?” Thinking that they have a common friend or that she doesn’t look like one.


“Eh kasi buntis ka oh,” while pointing to Anna’s stomach.

Anna turned from shiny, smiley, happy face to plain blank non-reacting poker face’ expression , “Hindi po ako buntis.”


“Ah! Ganun ba? Magpa-lipo ka na sa amin.” If that is not a tag line to do sales for a cosmetic surgeon I don’t know what else is.


After the client left, Anna told everybody, “Gusto ko na ngang gilitan sa leeg, eh.”

“Dapat sinabi mo, ‘Mam, bawal po kasi kami mag-mura ng kliyente, sa labas na lang po tayo ng branch’,” added one of us.


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