Funny Bank Moment #2

A Client (man) approached me in the Marketing Area of the Bank. He was wearing a simple t-shirt, a cap, in jeans and has a backpack (he’s going for the middle class look). He then asked me in a very silent voice (almost a whisper),


Client: Sir, ano po ang requirements pag nagbukas ng account?

Then I told him everything needed and all the details about opening an account.

Client: Sir, pwede ba na ipambayad ang ATM?

M: Saan po sir?

C: Sa Maynila po.

M: Sir, saan po sa Maynila?

C: Eh kung sa internet po?

M: Ano po sa Internet?

C: Ipambayad ang ATM? May charge ba yun?

M: Ipambabayad nyo po ang Savings account sa Internet account n’yo, sir?
C: Hindi po. Kung halimbawa po sa Maynilad?

M: Ah, ipangbabayad nyo po sa Maynilad ang account nyo? Sa tubig po?

C: Ay hindi po, sa Maynila po. May charge po ba?

M: Ah, kung magdedeposit po kayo outside Cavite may Php 50 charge po, pero kung within Cavite pwede po kayong magdeposit at any BDO Branches, Talon, Pamplona, Molino, Bacoor, Imus…

C: Hindi po, kung ipamababayad ang ATM?

M: Ang alin po sir?

C: Kung pwede ba ipambayad ang ATM?

M: Pwede po, sir, basta po accepted ang aming card sa establishment pwede po yung ipambayad.

C: May Charge po ba?

M: Wala po sir.

C: Pero pwede I-enroll sa Internet?

M: Pwede sir, punta lang po kayo sa tapos may fifill apan lang kayo dun sir. Then, forward the application to us.

C: Hindi ba pwedeng ibawas na lang yun sa account ko?

M: Ang alin sir?

C: Yung bibilhin ko?

M: Ano pong bibilhin nyo?

C: Yung sa Smart Card (Loading card for smart pre paid)

M: Hindi po sir. (He then left immediately after the discussion)


After the long discussion, the client was just inquiring if the payment for his Smart Card could be auto deducted from his ATM account. I felt I made a big help trying to explain all of that to the client, but Shari said the same set of questions were asked to her by that same client just before I sat in her area in marketing. Looney!


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