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Barbarians for Bavarian

It was Rowena’s birthday today so the whole team got 3 boxes of donuts to celebrate her big day.

When we opened the box, everybody was saying, “That’s mine! That’s mine!”
To mark my territory, I pressed the chocolate bavarian with my finger (see second to the last donut with a finger hole) and said, “THIS IS MINE.”
Everybody followed suit.



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In the office today, we tried doing some tongue twisters…
“Peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,” Tahill said.
I tried copying him but the only audible sound from me was, “Petah Pipah Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers.”
Krithi did a worse version, only saying, “Put-ta, put-ta, put-ta.”
lost_in_translation_2003big“Krithi! Puta means whore in our country,” I told her.
“Seriously?” She asked.
“In our country, PUT-TA means ‘my child’,” she told me, “My mom used to call me, ‘Put-ta…’ like a term of endearment.”
“So even when you were younger, your mom knew what you’ll end up?”
“ORLEE! Stop!” she told me.
“Put-ta… Put-ta” I kiddingly called her.
“Now I’ll tell my mom to stop calling me PUT-TA.”

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My Hometown’s Produce

“Krithi,” I asked my colleague, “What fruit does not grow in India?”
“We grow everything, mangoes, apples, grapes, kiwi… all kinds of fruits.”
“Really?” I asked, “That’s nice.”
“My hometown is famous for pepper and apples.” She lives in Kanata part of India.
“Me? My hometown is famous for illegal drugs and killing people (salvaging),” I proudly answered.
“We also have prostitution.”
“Mommy!!!” she screamed covering her ears.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 8.39.36 PM

Proud Caviteño.



A Valentine Story

During our Quadruple Post Valentines Date, Len and Rollie shared how their love story came to be. Len and Rollie shared how Len was so clueless about Rollie’s intentions.

Len: Dumalaw s’ya sa Music School, nagulat ako kasi kaka-audition ko lang nun sa CVC so akala ko may welcoming committee lang ang choir. Hehe.
Rollie: Sabi ko sana magkape kami. Aba eh ang ginawa eh tinour ako sa school. Tapos  may kape naman daw sa pantry. Sa lobby kami nag-kape. Hindi pa nakaramdam. Ayoko pa naman makipag-usap sa lobby nila kasi syempre nandun yung receptionist. Kabayan.
Len: Tapos nung pauwi na kami sabi ko ‘Uwi na tayo’. Tapos lumabas na kami. Akala ko mag-me-metro kami.
Rollie: Sabi ko may kotse ako. Sabi nya. ‘O sige dito na ako, metro ako.’
Us: Hahaha! Wala ka talagang alam?
Rollie: Oo. Di nya alam. Sabi ko hatid ko na sya.
Len: Pagdating sa bahay, pinakita ko rin bahay namin… hangang kwarto.
Rollie: Sabi ng kapatid nya, ‘Bakit, ate! andumi ng bahay!’
Us: Ok ka pala ka-first date, Len, kwarto agad. Hahaha.

Rollie: Nung first date nga namin, di nya pa rin alam na nanliligaw ako. Ang sabi ba naman nung ininvite ko sya, ‘Kain tayo dinner?’
Len: Ang sabi ko, ‘Sama natin kapatid ko?’
Rollie: Ayun! First date namin kasama si Aiza. Tatlo kami nagdinner. Sila nag kukwentuhan. Ako taga-tawa lang.
Us: Hahahaha!

ValValentine Cast: CrizTong, RonKy, RoLen, OrChelle 


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Run To You

Last Thurday, Ronald got bored and ran to her girlfriends house. It’s healthy, inexpensive and kills boredom. The only problem? It’s from Deira to Jaffiliya! That’s an hours ran away.
We were impressed when we learned about it.


I suggested to Atong, “Takbo rin tayo sa girlfriend natin?” Mitch was living a floor away from me while his girlfriend, Chryzel, lives in Muhaisna (3 hours run away).
“No way!” he screamed.

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Bruno Mads

On Lilly ‘s future brother we all chipped in names…
Ronald: Lulu, Lala, Lele.
Somebody screamed : dapat lalaking lalaki, Bruno.
Atong: tamang tama! Bruno and Madison (Lilly’s second name)! … Bruno Mads
We all laughed at the idea.

Last Friday

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Collagen Sisters

My sisters and I have a chatroom in LINE where we all 5 of us are constantly updating each other. One time:

Richie: Kailan mas mabisa inumin ang gluta and collagen? Bago kumain or after?
Mimi: Bago matulog.
Pam: Natawa ako sa sagot ni Mimi. Bago kumain or after kumain ang tanong… ang sagot bago matulog!
Orlee: Hahaha.
Richie: Oo nga.
Tem: Hahaha
Richie: Buti na lang maganda ka Mimi. Ang hina mo.
Mimi: Hahaha.


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